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  1. Looking for tip installed shaft. Rogue black preferred. Stiff or XS.
  2. Feel free to let me know what you have! thanks
  3. Let me know what you'd be willing to part with.
  4. Shipping to MI 48855. Let me know if you have any hanging around collecting dust.
  5. Using the old but faithful Ahina (whiteboard) and I’ve never been more comfortable in a driver.
  6. Was? What\Why was it replaced?
  7. Hey I like that idea. Thanks guys. I also really like that Rose and Fire cover.
  8. I will keep my eye on eBay. I feel like odyssey covers are pretty bland and typically red, white, and black which doesn’t work with my color scheme on my bag. Currently blue ping hoofer, white trim on bag. Orange headcovers.
  9. That will be my last resort. I am too proud of not using my Scotty anymore to go that route. Eventually I will get over my stubbornness.
  10. I second this. They produced a custom maple leaf cover for me last year and it's fabulous. I also have a magnetic mallet cover from Delilah and it's very good as well. Love these options thanks guys!
  11. Hey folks. Looking to hear some opinions. Hopefully this thread will catch some interest. I am the kind of guy who likes my bag/headcovers, clubs (same wedge models etc) to match. I just switched from a blade to a mallet putter (odyssey #7 white hot Pro). I am unimpressed with the odyssey aftermarket options. What kind of aftermarket mallet (#7) headcovers are you guys using? Ebay isn’t overly exciting either.
  12. You gatta hit it. I don’t mind the sound. And I really like the feeling of standing back and watching the ball go go go. I feel like I’m in the movie sandlot watching my home run ball getting sent to The Beast forever.
  13. I just finished a putter fitting. I really like this new face. This was my #2 putter. GLWS
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