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  1. I ended up pushing all of my birdie putts the exact same amount. All of my lag putting was great. No 3 putts. Bought the book to see if I can focus on a few things.
  2. You’ve inspired me. I tried it on the practice green for an hour today. I noticed myself making more putts, more comfortably than normal and not feeling a sense of doubt when I missed. I’m going to try it this week in league.
  3. I’m in the middle of a similar concern however, not exactly similar. I have (2) G400 Hybrids with Rogue Silver Stiff shafts. Other than the lack of adjustability, I feel like the shafts aren’t stiff enough. Thinking of switching to Tensei Pro Whites and the G410 (I like the look of the head). I use a tipped OG Ahina in my driver and I got along with an x flex rogue black in my 915h. Curious on your findings...
  4. That hybrid is money. I love mine. I hope someone is able to grab it happily. GLWS
  5. I appreciate your feedback. I wound up buying a pair of Premiere’s. I’m a bit worried they were not [overly] snug. I understand they’ll stretch out a bit. I wonder if I could have 1/2 sized up and swapped out the insole. Suppose I’m not overly concerned.
  6. Please provide some comparison opinions for those (Footjoy Traditions vs Premiere) who own/have tried on both. Thanks
  7. Any chance I can get my hands on the ProV1 buy 2 get 1 dozen deal this time of year? I’d like to customize the number on the balls.
  8. Using the old but faithful Ahina (whiteboard) and I’ve never been more comfortable in a driver.
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