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  1. Ummmm, Luke List with a Titleist TS driver in the bag too....interesting..
  2. Blasphemy. No one can win with a Titleist driver. I thought everyone knew that. I love the look, sound, and feel of Titleist drivers but I always felt their newest releases were always a 1/2 step behind the newest stuff coming out from the OEM’s that focus most of their R&D on metal woods. Just like Apple products. Shots fired :cheesy:
  3. That very well could be it! I'll promise you it's not something by another brand.
  4. Very interesting to see him game all Titleist without a contract.
  5. I know he's playing Titleist 718 irons now too. T-MB 3 iron and maybe the 4, then AP2 the rest of the set. A couple of new Vokeys in there too.
  6. I would imagine we won't see anything until Quicken Loans, but like Poulter and Jimmy Walker with fairway woods, we might see some pros post early pics.
  7. I totally understand, but coming from someone who has Raw wedges, they will rust....FAST. My current set I got back in July and didn't play a whole lot with and they are already rusty. Now I like that, I love how they look and feel, but most people won't understand why a 6 month old wedge has rust spots. This affect is magnified if you play in Florida or other southern Coastal areas because of the soil they have there.
  8. the only time I’ve ever seen glare is opening up the face at the end of our season here in ny. I could definitely deal with it. They real question is why no raw or oil can available. Super disappointed about that. Vokey has no incentive to offer Raw as a standard option during releases. They sell through Wedgeworks for a higher price and people continue to flock there and buy them. They can maximize profits by selling special order Raw wedges because "that's what the pros play" Genius marketing. Crappy consumer relations since that's what everyone has been screaming for year after year.
  9. I prefer the P790s to the PXGs. Myself and my boss have both has PXG's...neither of us played them long. My boss went to P790's, and I went to 718 AP2's. There just isn't any real performance advantage to justify the price in our opinion. Both of us thought they didn't feel very good as well, kind of hard and a bit harsh for a forged iron. BUT, whatever people want to spend their money on is there own business.
  10. This year is going to be the most telling year for the metalwood market since the mid-2000s. Since Taylormade has pulled their "tee-up" monies back on their woods, if you see a player using their equipment, it will have more validity. If they keep that overwhelming #1 spot in woods on the tour, it will say alot. I get that the tee up money's been cut back, but is there anything still out there if you win or top 5 with their stuff? That's not as much incentive of course, but it can be a tiebreaker. Oh the money is still there, maybe not what it once was...but it's there.
  11. I think it's unlikely that he'll go with TM, seeing as how they've let some of the lower tier guys go to focus on their big dogs. I know Reed has played several Titleist clubs over the years including wedges and long irons. I could see him going that route.
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