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  1. I picked up a sleeve of these to practive putting. After putting with them for a few days I decided ot put one in play for 9 holes yesterday. I normally play Prov1x or AVX. I can't really comment on distance but I would say the ball feels softer but that is probably just due to the sound as it does not have a clicky sound. The greens were pretty soft the day we played. I hit a pretty high ball with my irons so stopping the ball is usally not an issue and it was the same with these. The ball was usually withing a ball or two distance from the divot with 7 iron and up, and I had a few back up a foot or so when hit in to a grade. I don't think they spin as much as the prov1x imo, but I don't have any firm data on that. I hit some lower pitch shots as well and the ball seemed to stop quickly after one hop, but the again, the greens were pretty soft due to rain the prior day. Putting is kind of fun with this ball. I am normally not a line on the ball guy for putting, but I tried it for 9 holes as I had when I was practice putting. You can really tell if you hit the ball square with the roll visual on the roll out. If you like putting with a line, I could see where this ball could be fun to play. It is a little harder to clean off dirt due to the texture of the cover, but it seemed to hold up well with regards to scuffs and such. I am not making a switch, but it can be a fun ball to try as I did not feel it let me down in the short game area. I will have to try it again when the greens firm back up.
  2. left hand low. right hand all four fingers on grip at the top and set up with the right hand only. add left hand, overlap last two fingers, index and middle on the grip
  3. Saw you post on these, I Love these wedges! I just had Golfworks build a 54 and 60 TSW DRM wedges with Mitsibishi MMT shafts and I cannot say enough about these. I have hit more full shots within 5' of the pin in my last 4 rounds than I can remember hitting in a year before, and my partial 20-50 yd shots are just want I want with that nice hop and stop release. If you are in the market for a wedge, you can't beat these. The best thing is that once you get a set up you like, you can afford to change out the heads every two years at 30% of the cost of a new name brand wedge.
  4. I have been a SL player for about 5 years now and thought I would share my experience. I played the Wishon Sterlings initially and really liked them. They were the first set that I transitioned from VL clubs. I played them with graphite shaft for 3 years plus. Since the EQ's were new, I thought I would have a set built and I sold the Sterlings. I wish I had never sold the Sterlings as I was playing great golf with them. I never could hit the EQ's consistently. To be fair to the EQ's, I really think it was the shafts that I had the EQ's built with that casued the problems, I never felt like I was hittign the center of the club face. After playing with them for about 3 months, they had to go. I ordered a used set of the Cobra Forged Tec Black irons with steel shafts just to try them. They felt good and I liked them overall, but the 128g steel shafts that I went back to were just not a fit for me anymore. I started having elbow pain again, which was the reason I had converted to graphite years ago. I sold those and purchased a set of Cobra Forged Tec irons with graphite shafts and I have been playing those all of this year. I think they area great product! I am back to playing consitent golf and dropped my HC another point in the process. I hope to have these in my bag for quite awhile. I am back to hitting my irons very straight, and mishits are pretty foregiving.
  5. bunta, I like it a lot! Others that have tried it say it feels heavy, but that could just be that I play it at 37" long and it may of been just to long for them. I like the style of the grip a lot with the forward press, but I was not a fan of the grip feel. I have put a tennis grip wrap on it and that seems to work great for me. The putter swings great. I can't explain it but it has a nice balance to it. It feels great on center hits, but it is not the most forgiving on toe or heel hits compared to a mallet style putter. I tested both the 2.1 and b2 before ordering the b1. Although the 2.1 felt more foregiving on mis hits, I have played blade style putters for most of my life so I went with the one that was familiar to my eye. I have had mine for about a year and half and my putting stats have improved and have become a much more consistent putter round to round. I think they have a great product.
  6. Great write up. Big fan of Cobra products and their customer service has been excellent for me. Their naming of clubs gets a little confusing times (forged tec) as the model has changed over the past few years albeit a different type of construction, but I think you get a lot of bang for your buck while being at to customize sets. I play their driver and the SL Forged Tec Irons and have been very happy with both.
  7. Thanks Joe Duffer... off to a good start, plan on using it for the next few rounds at a minimum. My practice and one round thus far have been outstanding, will see how it goes through multiple rounds. I have been putting long putts (over 20') with an open stance and split hand (think Hammy putter style), as that is extremely comfortable and have putted off and on like that on long putts for many years, and face on 20' and in. I had putted face on for a year or two in the past, so I already have some comfort in the process, footwork and stroke area, just need get back in it with this specific putter. Man that is a small face with regards to the height of the face! I do love the heavy weight of the head in a small footprint and your mention of the shaft is right on, it is "flexible" compared to some other long putters I have had in the past. From reading what I could find on the putter, it appears to be made out of brass? You are correct, I need to replace the grip, and a higher lie angle would be nice, although I would have to find someone capable of performing that work. Have you had any of your Slim Jim's buffed out to a shiny brass look? I would be interested in seeing a photo of one if have done that in the past.
  8. Thanks. I had never heard of The Bull in Kohler. Both of these locations work, thanks.
  9. I am 6'4" but have no idea on length, guess I will find out when I receive it. It looks like it is 40+ inches in the photos. If I like it, I will probably put on a new grip on so I can lengthen it if needed. It is a Slim Jim El Segundo, i'll be intersted to see the size of the head.
  10. A few of us are going to the Ryder Cup this fall at Whistling Straits. We are going just one day, so would like to take a couple of other days to play some golf while up in the area. We are flying in to Milwaukee. We have not found a place to stay yet and realize anything close to the course is probably sold out, so we are willing to stay or stay / play something that is within an hour or hour and half from Whistling Straits. I have played Black Wolf Run in the past, but probably a little pricey for my tastes these days. Any recommendations of must play public courses between Milwaukee and Whistling Straight, or better yet, any towns within an hour or hour and half of Whistling Straights that we should consider staying and playing in that particular area? Thanks!
  11. After reading all of your comments on the Slim Jim, I had to pull the trigger on a used one I found. I should have it in a week or so. I did face on for a couple of years, going through L2, GP, BG F-22, Ping B60, STX, Juan, and some no name ones as well. I ended up going away from face on for just over the past year using a DF Blad putter traditionally, and have been averaging 32 putts over the past 35 rounds, but I still like so many things about face on putting that I thought I would give the slim jim a try. Great reading about all of smaller mfg out there over the years.
  12. 6'4" and play a 37" putter. I have played as short as a 34" putter over the years, but like being more upright today.
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