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  1. I'll expect to see a full report from you when I get up in the morning.
  2. Here in NW Illinois if its 90 with a dewpoint of 70 I'm out. It's just not fun at 69 years old.
  3. If you walked in that kind of crap heat I just can't feel sorry for you Plat!
  4. This is killing me to do this but I have to face the facts that these are just to stout and heavy for a old fart like me. I don't believe I need to spout off about what a great iron these are. Great feel, distance, looks, they have it all. I could re-shaft them but I just don't want to mess with them. SOLD. Standard loft, length, with 1 degree flat lie. Any trade offer would have to be irons with regular flex shafts but you can PM me with your offer.
  5. I must be numb. I just didn't feel a hell of a lot of difference between the 5's and 7's.
  6. I have 5-PW ZX5's and have no regrets other than I think I screwed up getting the Project X 5.5 shafts. At 69 years old I think it's time to move on to graphite.
  7. Cool! No, I didn't see your other post. I'll find it and check it out.
  8. How do you like the Catalyst shafts?
  9. I agree with what someone else here said. One of those two will win the popular social media deal and split the 40 million.
  10. I'm sure there is. I just like watching players hit great shots. I can ignore the BS.
  11. There's a lot of people who have resented golf since it was invented.
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