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  1. If Ping ever brought the Redwoods back out and sold them at $400 a pop they'd sell a boatload. Still one of the best feeling putters I've played in the last 35 years.
  2. 16 top 10's in a year moves you up the board pretty fast. He's a walking ,talking ATM machine.
  3. You might be surprised how easy the Staff blades play if you have the right shaft.
  4. Wilson makes them work. As long as they look good at address who cares?
  5. He always seemed like a class guy. RIP
  6. Never thought I'd see you with a set of Pings Zap! Weren't you a Callaway guy or did you play everything?
  7. The flat soles on the Ping G425 fairway woods make them the easiest fairway wood on the market for people who struggle with hitting fairways in the first place.
  8. All you have to do is find a nice Redwood series and you have the best putter Ping has ever made.
  9. Srixon ZX5'S didn't stay around long. Played 714AP2's all season. Tested the Tour Edge C522's and they are now firmly in the bag.
  10. TE ain't real sexy but man their stuff performs!
  11. He's kind of like listening to soft classical music, extremely easy to fall asleep to.
  12. You don't want to blink when Jones is teeing off or you'll miss it. I've never seen anybody play that fast.
  13. They might not appeal to you but if you get a chance to test them try the Tour Edge C522's. I was seriously interested in your 3 choices and came away with the TE's. Everything was on par or better. In fact, the feel of the TE's was far better than the 425's and T300's in my opinion and I'm a fan of both brands. They are a little chunkier and have more offset but hell, I got over that real quick. P.S. And they cost $559 for 5-AW !!
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