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  1. You're exactly right. I'm trying to be nice but I've never heard anyone say the Wilson blades feel hard if you're hitting the sweet spot. Solid and powerful are good terms. The ball speed off the Wilsons made me choose them over the Mizuno MP20's when I got fitted last year.
  2. That would be a new S55. My hopes exactly!
  3. I'm hoping the I59 is a updated S series. Now, THAT would be cool! A new S55!
  4. Wouldn't be the first time we saw nothing from Ping prior to release. They don't let much get leaked.
  5. Sorry, I've played cast ss blades. Wilsons feel nothing like them.
  6. The Wilson's have a firmer solid feel which I prefer over 1020 carbon steel. It's all about preference.
  7. I played the Wilson MB's all summer. Playing the Wilson V6's right now.
  8. As a Wilson fan there's not a lot else to talk about except looks since no one has them. All the talk has been on topic because many here would love to try these but that's hard to do if you can't find them. I believe Wilson is making a slow comeback. It doesn't happen overnight.
  9. I totally agree Ivy!! But DD is Discount Dan's if I remember right.
  10. I'm not sure Wilson's problem is with its reputation as much as it's availability. As someone who played Ping irons for the better part of 20 years the only reason I fell in love with Wilson's irons was because I stumbled on to them accidently. The local Golf Shacks head pro is on their staff. When I got fitted last year he talked me into trying the blades. I was hooked. Before that I had never really given Wilson a second thought. If Wilson got their irons into more people hands they would see what a great product they have.
  11. Owning the V6's I'm going to have to hit them to see if they are any upgrade at all.
  12. Considering that T100's are $200 a iron of think these would be a great deal.
  13. I've already started a slush fund and I've only seen a little of the soles on twitter. Next year is gonna be expensive.
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