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  1. The MOI part is good. I think my 714's are pretty forgiving so if the T100's feel as good as people say they do and are a touch more forgiving it sounds good to me.
  2. This^ Personally I've never paid much attention to the sound of any of the drivers I've owned since my Titleist 975D. All the new drivers sound like crap compared to persimmon and the older Titleist.
  3. I'd like to hear some feedback from you guys that upgraded to the T100's from AP2's. Was it worth it ?
  4. They're all good. Just get fit.
  5. Up for sale is my Bettinardi Queen B6. New grip. No dings but used. Always used headcover. SOLD. No trades. Shipped conus.
  6. The G425 woods are considerably better than the 400 series Especially with the tour shaft in them.
  7. You guys can argue math all day. Reed is still peckerhead who likes to cheat every so often.
  8. No, the M21 was stock in a lot of those Chevys and was pretty fragile. The M22 was actually a pretty good transmission but in my opinion didn't come close to being as bulletproof as the T10. I was running a 427 L88 motor in my 55 so that motor was hard on tranny's and rear ends.
  9. I used to shred those Muncie M22's like they were made out of tin! Only tranny that would stay together in my 55 Chevy was Borg Warner T10.
  10. I think I dislike Brooks more than I do Bryson. As far as I'm concerned they could be brothers from different mothers.
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