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  1. You gotta have some patience but well worth it if you like the Blues.
  2. I agree! There's more than enough info right here without clicking that stuff.
  3. Srixon and Wilson irons should have the same motto, THE BEST IRONS NO ONE PLAYS>
  4. It's called I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! syndrome. BTW, where the hell are my irons?
  5. I believe Colt said the other day he would be at Augusta next month covering it.
  6. Saw him do this live at Mile High Stadium back in 76(I think)
  7. Hendrix was later asked the same question in the early 70's and he said Billy Gibbons was the best he'd seen.
  8. braincramp52


    I get your reasoning. Phil is actually right handed though so that might have something to do with the dominant hand.
  9. This doesn't pertain to most of you but if you're a lefty and have ZX5's ordered I just got a email back from the Srixon and he said mine are on pace to be delivered in two weeks. I ordered them 2 weeks ago so one month wait time is normal for LH irons.
  10. braincramp52


    I totally disagree. I had some of the best putting years ever using the same putter with the claw grip. I'm pretty sure Phil and Pelz figured out what works best for him. What DOES effect putting though is almost 51 year old nerves.
  11. I'm old and cranky but I could listen to him all day.
  12. Remember it well! I could spend all day making a mixed tape if it suited me. I was in 7th Heaven when they came out with the 120 minute tapes!
  13. The thing about vinyl is you really have to build your system around playing vinyl otherwise vinyl just plain sucks. But to my ears there's still nothing like listening to good old analog at high volumes with a good system. So natural and warm.
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