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  1. Up for sale is my Bettinardi Queen B6. New grip. No dings but used. Always used headcover. $325 Firm. No trades. Shipped conus.
  2. The G425 woods are considerably better than the 400 series Especially with the tour shaft in them.
  3. You guys can argue math all day. Reed is still peckerhead who likes to cheat every so often.
  4. No, the M21 was stock in a lot of those Chevys and was pretty fragile. The M22 was actually a pretty good transmission but in my opinion didn't come close to being as bulletproof as the T10. I was running a 427 L88 motor in my 55 so that motor was hard on tranny's and rear ends.
  5. I used to shred those Muncie M22's like they were made out of tin! Only tranny that would stay together in my 55 Chevy was Borg Warner T10.
  6. I think I dislike Brooks more than I do Bryson. As far as I'm concerned they could be brothers from different mothers.
  7. Reed excelled in the RC when he was paired with Spieth. Him being left off the RC team this year was the perfect chance for him to help his image if he would have handled the snub with class. Unfortunately, he didn't. I predict the only way he'll get back on a RC team is if he qualifies.
  8. You'd cry too if you got kicked in the balls everytime Mizuno has a new iron release and you got scraps. I've given up on Mizuno, too many other choices.
  9. I know the T100's are a sweet set of irons that are quite a bit more forgiving than your Blueprints. A buddy of mine has the TM's and he likes them but claims they have a pretty small sweet spot.
  10. Oh, I get it. But I can buy Gen 3 0311P's for $139 a club. I don't have to have current year clubs. It's a waste of money in my opinion. And I haven't heard anybody that has tested the I59's say they just HAD to have them. And since I just got done reshafting my 714AP2's today they might stay another year in the bag.
  11. That's your problem, Fill out the the repair form and send the club back to Ping. Problem solved.
  12. I've been a huge Ping fan for over 30 years. Probably played their stuff for 25 of those years. But if I can buy PXG or Miura for the same price or close to it, I'll go another route besides Ping for irons.
  13. I'm really happy with my 714AP2's but I think I'd like to try a set of the PXG Gen3's. The price is right and I've heard nothing but good about them.
  14. Yup. That's why they make so many different ones.
  15. It couldn't hold a candle to my old ping anser so I sold it.
  16. I have 0 problems with Stricks picks. I predict Berger will surprise many of the people who think he was a bad pick.
  17. Sounds like FedEx needs to spend more money in house rather than sponsoring golf tournaments.
  18. I feel very lucky to not miss a single day of golf due to lockdowns
  19. Up for sale is my very nice G410 10.5 driver. New pure pro grip. 45" from Ping. No dings. $225 shipped conus. Evenflow 5.5 shaft. Might consider trade for TM Original One mine driver if it's in minty condition.
  20. I've hit the T100's but don't see enough to switch from my 714's.
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