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  1. For those who have been to the masters and have been in the merchandise area where they sell hats. Does the Masters sell fitted baseball style hats? I have a large head and wear a size 8. Has anyone seen masters hats in the merchandise area at the Masters in size 8?
  2. How does the 560MC feel in comparison to say Mizuno's, Mirua's, Epon, Srixon, etc?
  3. Doesn't Ralpy Maltby have shaft profile software?
  4. Does anyone know if the Ventus Blue, Red, and Black have been uploaded into the Wishon shaft profile software yet?
  5. Does anyone know if Ralph Maltby has a shaft profile database like the one Tom had created?
  6. How can a true golf club fitting especially for wedges and irons be conducted completely indoors? It' my understanding that places like Club Champion and others conduct their fittings completely indoors for wedges and irons? If this is true, how is this possible? Wouldn't turf interaction be a huge part in determining what bounce, lie, sole design would be the best for a golfer especially an amature golfer. I could not imagine a pro getting fit for Irons and wedges completely indoors. If pros do get fit for irons and wedges completely indoors please let me know.
  7. So do the tour trucks that take care of the professional golfers from week to week on tour MOI their clubs or do they just do old school swing weight?
  8. Does anyone know if Club CHampion MOI match irons when they fit them for their clients?
  9. I used to follow clubfitting about 10 years ago. Back then there was so much talk about MOI'ing golf clubs. Saying that it was far superior to swing weight etc. Over the past 8 or so years I have not heard people talking about MOI like they used to. Definitely have not heard the term MOI used in the professional game. WHat if anything am I missing? Is it still relevant, or have things like single length irons taken over?
  10. > @juststeve said: > The Newport will be more forgiving when you miss the sweet spot. > > Steve Even though there is more mass behind the face in the Del Mar?
  11. Can a wedge fitting be done indoors? I have looked around at getting custom fit for wedges in my area. 90% of the fitters in my area fit indoors only. How can someone be fit for wedges if they only hit shots indoors? Isn't turf interaction a big part of a wedge fitting?
  12. What putter between the 2 will be more forgiving? What in the design makes one more or less forgiving than the other?
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