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  1. Titleist Links Master Golf Bag - Canvas Collection Members Bag. Incredibly hard to find bag, used two times, in excellent shape. Comes with both double, and single strap, as well as rain. No logos, clean, beautiful. Titleist’s most sought after golf bag, which can only be purchased usually through elite green grass facilities, and normally has logos! Shipped securely and quickly to your door. Make an offer! Price above ($425) includes shipping Domestically, will get you a rate if you're international. I am not open to trades of any kind, this will be a negotiated cash only deal via PayPal G&S for both our protection. I have 100% feedback here, as well as eBay.
  2. Couple of Gems here today, poised for a quick sale: Titleist TS Driver Shaft Diamana ZF 60TX - .5" Tipping - Logo Down in 4 Plays 44.5" in my TS2 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Logo Down Purchased from Will Peoples about 3 weeks ago, thought it would work better than my gamer, works the same, so will stick with it. Passing savings onto you. $225 To your door. $250 to Canada. Titleist 917 F3 13.5 Tensei White 70TX logo down in 1 Plays 42.5" D3 SW Absolute rocketship, this is a copy of my gamer, but just don't need two, passing it along to you! Club is in great shape, one tiny chip on the grey crown. $175OBO Quick shipper here, will get them out tomorrow. If you happen to want both, we can make a smoking deal.
  3. Just two items for today my friends! HZRDUS Small Match Smoke Green PVD 6.5 TItleist Tip (Logo down in 4 Position) Plays 44.5" in TS2 Tipped .5" (Titleist Standard) Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Logo Down in 4 Position $175 Shipped to your door OBO In great shape, just used for a couple of rounds. I would be happy to trade this for another X or TX flex shaft with a Titleist adaptor at the same length or longer. Happy to have that discussion Jan Craig HC Set Grey/Black/White Big Pom Driver Long Tassel on FWY Great shape overall $75 Shipped to your door OBO
  4. Has 1" total tipping, and play 44.5" in a Titleist TS2 driver. Some wipe/rub marks of finish near grip, priced to move, this is only cosmetic. Basically brand new, will Ship Priority Mail right after payment is received. Logo down in the "4" position. $100 to your door. Also, would trade for Tour Issue FJ Clothing (FJ Collar, Titleist Patch (Small shirts, medium tops)
  5. Just received from the PGA Tour Event this week, a rare bird/unicorn! (Cannot stress this enough, Motivated seller, make offers) Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond 10.5 Still has tour van dots for center mass, and is an amazingly beautiful head. No score line on top, and most fade biased head, it's the most rare to come off the van, and from what I've heard, is just amazing for high speed players that want to eliminate the left side, and hit high knuckle bombs. The head is essentially perfect, came off the tour van, and has TC serial as well as being obviously a completely tour only model. It has never been hit, and comes with an Epic Flash HC. $550 or Best Offer. International shipping available, but cost will be adjusted. The line on the face of my first photo was just from my fingernail, it isn't there, and can text you any and all photos you'd like, but the head is super clean. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond 10.5 Diamana DF 60TX Tipped .5" - 45" - Hotmelted to D3 Brand New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Logo Down $550 OBO Diamana DF 60TX - Played 44.5" in a Tour Issue Titleist head. This was a backup. $200 OBO Will not have a tip when it arrives at your door.
  6. A couple of quick sale items today, can and will ship out by Tuesday, priority mail if paid for today. Diamana ZF 50TX - Titleist Tip '4' Logo Down. Plays 44.5" in TS3. Incredible shaft, this one is tipped 1/2" and is a smooth knuckle rocketer! $250OBO Scotty Cameron Camo Agave Man Hat - Worn once, looks great. $40 The Buck Club - Slow Players Had - Worn once, looks great. $40 PM offers, lets get these out the door.
  7. HZRDUS Green Smoke PVD 60 6.5 - TItleist Tip (Logo Down D setting) - Plays 44.5 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Tested for about 300 balls, playing a TX instead. Pics taken before there was 8" of snow on the ground. UGH. $210 OBO (please offer)
  8. HZRDUS Small Batch Green Smoke PVD - 70 - 6.5 - Untipped, measures 46" - $200 shipped OBO Mitsubishi Diamana 73X Titleist Fairway Tip - Plays 42.5" in Titleist FWY - $60 The Buck Club Winston Collection Black/Black Fairway and Utility Cover - Brand New, never used. $60
  9. Retails for $165 - Shipped to your door for $130. Comes with everything that came in the original packaging. Everything on how to use it is online, the protocol videos are great. First to message and paypal gets it. I'll ship today or tomorrow at the latest.
  10. Just a small lot of some nice Titleist Stuff. As always, best offers will be accepted, if they're offensively low, I just won't respond. Everything includes shipping CONUS. Canada is fine, but will pay actual shipping. Will go out USPS Priority mail. ~~Head Only - Titleist TS3 8.5 Degree - $315 OBO SOLDDDDD Hit this a handful of times, preferred my other options. ~~ Titleist 917 F3 13.5 - Diamana White 73X - 42.5" - D4 Swingweight - $150 OBO Head Only Sold This head has a ton of hotmelt in it, and sounds incredible. Was a gamer for about a year. Normal face/sole, crown looks good. Titleist 718 TMB 2 Iron - Graphite Design DI 85X - $200 SOLD Really good shape, never used it all that much, used the hybrid more. Thing is a great set up. Titleist 818 H2 19º - Matrix Altus X Flex - $125 OBO (head only sold) Really solid Hybrid here. Some tiny scratches on the crown, but this has some hotmelt in it too, feels really great. Message me with any questions. If you wanted the whole lot, you could have them for $600 to your door. Photos:
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