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  1. what a deal, i would take it but it's already in my bag lol
  2. gotcha, thanks! was hoping i saw a 58 lol. good luck with sale! beautiful club
  3. was just looking up info on this set and was thinking the same thing! post when you get a chance to get more info!
  4. PM SENT [quote name='dt1027' timestamp='1302819695' post='3154065'] [size="2"]This bad boy has been my gamer for the past two seasons, love it, but was told today that I would probably be better off with an x-stiff shaft, I may just have it re-shafted but figured I'd see if there was a sale or trade out there first. Looking for something with a 9.5* and a x stiff shaft. Since I have to put a price $85 (willing to listen to offers) if you have any questions, please ask.[/size] [size="2"][attachment=765511:IMG_0154.JPG][/size][size="2"][attachment=765514:IMG_0156.JPG][/size][size="2"][attachment=765515:IMG_0158.JPG][/size] [/quote]
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