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  1. Terrylium insert from scotty all the way. Microhinge if that's out of the price range.
  2. Napa if it's gonna sit in your house, T22 if you're looking for a gamer! Cheers.
  3. Like you said, if you're catching the sweet spot at a high percentage seems like getting toe hang dialed in is more important then anything. Also find that my speed control goes to absolute sh*t when I'm rolling a mallet.
  4. Agreed on the HMB, best driving iron I've ever hit. Surprisingly easy to launch of the deck as well. Great setup and pup! Cheers.
  5. This thread always makes me forget that p*rnhub exists! Beautiful setup as always.
  6. Very solid set up you have there brother. Lovin the headcovers!
  7. Own a set of Miura 501 CBs and couldn't be happier. As people above have eluded to the soft but solid "thwack" they produce adds a different level of enjoyment to a solidly struck shot.
  8. 393 downhill downwind. Left me 28 yards to the pin and still managed to make a par. Love this stupid game!
  9. 118 during a sunup to sundown fundraiser for the First Tee here in Delaware.
  10. Congrats brother! Still waiting for that elusive Ace.
  11. Seeing the waves crash in Maui is always a welcome change of scenery from dormant grass and naked trees. Not to mention the coverage falling right during happy hour is always welcome.
  12. I would say a trip to Baltray or County Down if possible to squeeze in the itinerary. However, Island and Portmarnock are tough to beat. Island is more akin to courses out West, while Portmarnock is more indicative of what you would see in the Open rota. People like to say it is unremarkable but the views of the estuary, Howth Head, and Ireland's eye make it a very special place.
  13. Gotta be the members only gear at PV. No "Pine Valley" script below to be found, just the crest with the lone pine.
  14. I've tried Titleist and Taylormade driving irons in the past but never found a driving iron I was truly confident in until the Mizuno HMB 2-iron. It has very little offset and nice tight low launch while remaining very forgiving. Looks and feel are an added bonus as well.
  15. Glad this story had a happy ending. Special spot in hell for whoever stole your sticks brother.
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