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  1. Not really a driving iron but my favorite is the hmb
  2. Yeah I was mainly trying the head. The x100 was also my apex pro dots which have weak lofts.
  3. I was not actually saying that the modus 120 was good of bad but it was the stiff flex which is way to soft and probably adding spin. I did like the club but would like to try with different shaft.
  4. You need to be doing this with your gamer ball otherwise the data doesn't really corelate. They usually have a sleeve of every type of ball in one bay. And I do agree spin is low so it could lead to bad despersion.
  5. Thanks for the info. Like I said I didn't find much in it but x different shaft might be enough to flatten it out. Might be something to try. I also don't really setup irons to chase as I live in Florida and it's all carry. I also prefer all my irons to be kind of drop and stop.
  6. It might just be that modus 120 is in general a bit soft to flex and definitely softer then x100
  7. i agree that for the most part spin is your friend and it did seem like a very forgiving iron that i probably would not have trouble taking the spin off of. The reason i am looking is that i am planning to replace the hybrid with a 5W amd might want to push my 4 iron distance out a bit.
  8. ok thanks for the input. I would not say 4600 is a balloon but it is a tp5x.
  9. Was toying around at PGA Superstore Today to see if an HMB 4 iron would be easier to hit then my set 4 iron. It did seem a bit easier but looked to spin more then mine. I could probably attribute that to the shaft being a modus 120s and i play tour issue x100. The questions for those who have tried this club would the x100 knock off that excess spin or does this iron just spin more. Fore reference i am hitting apex pro dot irons with TI X100 and this was a moduse 120s. The 147 ball is the HMB and 144 ball is apex pro and both were with a tp5x. Thanks
  10. I use masking tape and measure with a set of calipers because graphite shafts have different butt diameters then steel.
  11. Tour AD DI 7X with taylormade tip in 7x traded for it and just not for me. Shaft is 44" tipped 1" plays at 45" in a taylormade and has a 2 degree tip. Looking for $175obo or ventus blue or black 6x at driver length.
  12. Yeah I just don't like to see the ball going left and I play a flat lie so the hybrid was wanting to turn over. With the higher backspin on the 5 wood it's just so easy to hit and straight to falling just right. I think an 80g shaft will slow it down and make things even better and I could turn it over if I want.
  13. after at least an hour today i think i am going to go with a 5 wood. For FL that sim max 5 wood just carries and is dead straight. The hybrid was only as few yards shorter so with a heavy shaft it ought to shorten up the 5 wood a touch. For me this is more a tee club and long par 5 club and florida is all carry anyway. I just don't have the consistency or confidence in hybrids that i do with fairway woods.
  14. looking for a taylormade 5 wood with x flex shaft in 80ish grams. Prefer mid launch profiles. Really like the sim max 5 but will entertain others
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