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  1. 1) graphite design your ad xc 7tx driver shaft no tipping with Callaway tour strong tip. Measures 44.25 and played 45.5 in Callaway driver. Used about one month. $200obo 2) graphite design your ad xc 8 x tipped one inch with taylormade adapter. Measures 41.5 and plays just over 42.5 in sim 2 fairway. $185obo Might be interested in putters and maybe 2/3 hybrid or 7 wood with heavy shafts. Pm me with offers or questions.
  2. Looking for a ventus blue 7x for 3 wood if it has a taylormade tip that would be great. Must play at least 43 inches
  3. Looking for a ventus blue 6x to play 45 or over in callaway epic max ls le me know what u got
  4. Just looking at the ping optimization chart if you want to go less the 2300 you will probably need to increase launch angle
  5. Been there done that I score better now and can still carry over 300.
  6. Just my 2c but those numbers are very good and controllable. I actually try to get my driver to 2400-2600 and 3 wood just over 3000. Yes if I launched higher with lower spin it would go a bit farther but there can be a serious hit to control. I have 175 ball speed.
  7. So i put together a epic max ls with a AD XC 7tx and it is absolutely amazing so I was looking at getting a epic speed fairway. Currently I have the sim 2 with ad xc 8x at 42.5 inches but the epic series seems to be easier to hit and a better fit. I love the feel of the ad xc but might want a bit wore launch and spin for the 3 wood. I was looking at the ad iz since it seems to use similar materials as the xc but haven't been able to hit it. Open to other options. I have tried ventus and while nice i like a bit more feel that i get from the shafts like the ad xc for timing. Tha
  8. 1) Sim 10.5 driver in excellent condition with Hzrdus RDX Blue 60 6.5 x flex shaft. Plays 45" and has slight wear on the shaft graphics. Could split head and shaft if i have buyers for both. Comes with headcover and extra heavier back and track weight. Sold 2) Hzrdus RDX Blue 70 6.5 x flex with taylormade 1.5 degree tip measures 42.5. A bit of rubbing on the graphics. Sold 3) Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Tour Lined. Plays just over 35" with superstroke gt 1.0 grip an 50 gram counter core weight. Stock weight will be included and can swap 50g for 75g if desired. Club has seen 1 r
  9. Selling a set of project x 6.5 shafts soft stepped one time 5-pw in Callaway. These play .25 over standard. Could also be 4-9 and play .25 under standard in Callaway. $100obo
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