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  1. 1) Tour Issue x100 iron shafts with no grip. Played standard length in apex pro dot irons SOLD 2) Nippon Modus 130x iron shafts no grips except 3 iron slight wear on silk screen. Played std length in apex pro dot irons. $150obo Pm me with offers.
  2. after several testing sessions with the 21 i am ordering a 20 degree it seems like it will fit right in the bag i can go high low draw fade its great. Now i just have to wait.
  3. For those who have hit both it's there any reel difference?
  4. Looking for an apex pro hybrid in 20 degree with x flex shaft prefer 90 or 100g shafts.
  5. Looking for sim dhy with heavy x flex shaft just not the diamana thump. Looking for 3 iron but might consider 2 iron.
  6. Looking for project x 6.5 4-pw don't need grips.
  7. Looking for a set of p7mc preferably with project x 6.5 maybe 7.0
  8. Looking for a set of jpx tour either 919 or 921 and prefer project x 6.5 shafts. Might also consider mp20.
  9. Looking for a set of 919 or 921 tours or zx7 with project x 6.5
  10. 1) Taylormade Sim 3 wood with ventus blue 7x in very good shape tipped one inch and plays 43" shaft sold $200 for head without headcover 2) Taylormade Sim 5 wood with ventus blue 8x in very good shape tipped .5 inch and plays 42.25". There is a little paint flecking on the face but not visible. sold 3) PXG 0317x Gen 2 with project x hzrdus 80 6.5 in mint condition sold 4) Nippon Modus 130x 3-p played std in apex pro irons and 7 iron is 35.75 inches. $150obo 5) Odyssey Metal X Milled #2 with weight kit. A little rust in the cavity and the head
  11. 1) Sim 9.0 Driver head in excellent shape. Comes with headcover sold 2) Ventus Blue 6x untipped with taylormade adapter. Measures 44" and will play 45" in SIM driver. Sold 3) X Forged 24 degree Utility Iron with x100 shaft. Sold not currently looking for trades but might consider a 16.5 degree 4 wood or some sort of 2/3 driving iron. Shafts need to be x flex. Might also consider something like p7mc irons.
  12. Ping hoofer 2020 is great tones of pockets and just has a lot of little things you would not even think to add.
  13. Playing both right now and I have played the hzrdus in past. I would say the hzrdus and blue are more similar with the black being firmer. I play blue in my fairways tipped 1 inch and black untipped in my driver. I am not super high launch or spin and this setup is fitting me well. I might try a blue in the driver as well. I would really have to think if it would be worth switching from a smoke 105x to ventus for the price.
  14. Thanks for the info and my shop should be getting a gcquad soon so that might help. As for setup the 3 wood is 43 inch 7x d3 and the driver is 45 7x d3 as well. This was in the same session so I don't think I was delivering differently but should check the driver with foot powder.
  15. Ok so riddle me this. I play ventus blue in my fairway woods and was testing on the gc2 today and was hitting around 170 ball speed off the deck with my sim 3 wood. The funny thing is that i am seeing similar speeds with my sim driver but that has a ventus black. This makes me think that i might be a better fit with ventus blue in my driver as far as energy transfer as i know i was not really missing the center compared to the 3 wood. The driver is still longer due to launch and spin vs 3 wood but i have a feeling i am leaving something on the table. Just as a not i am not a super high la
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