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  1. I might be biased but i like ventus blue everything and have a 9xhb in my sim udi. That said if you like the tensei the av raw hybrid is a good choice and good bang for the buck.
  2. I play both a 5w and sim udi 3. I do this as I was finding my 4 and 5 irons to be carrying very similar distance and wanted something in between 5w and 5 iron. This also gives me an option off the tee but it will also be a 15 club rotation depending on course and weather.
  3. Driver ventus blue 6x tipped an inch. 3 wood ventus blue 7x tipped an inch 5 wood ventus blue 8x tipped an inch Driving iron ventus blue 9x working on if it needs more tipping.
  4. I have a ventus hybrid shaft I'm putting in a driving iron and was wondering how much it was tipped. Does anyone know the ventus hybrid tip to graphics measurements? Thanks
  5. Looking for something like an evnroll er2 er2.2v long plumbers neck studio stock 28 or the like. let me know what you have.
  6. So I have both my driver and 3 wood with ventus blue 6x and 7x tipped an inch. I am setting up a 5 wood at 42 inches so I'll need to add some head weight would the appreciate tipping be 1.5 inches for an 8x?
  7. Looking for a 3 driving interested in sim udi or similar I can do head only but don't like the thump shaft but will entertain other 90-100g x flex shafts
  8. 1) Apex Pro Hybrid with ventus blue 9x. Used for half a season and comes with headcover. In great shape just normal wear on sole and face. Sold 2) Set of MMC Midsize Plus 4 grips used for 2 rounds and blown on and off with compressed air. sold 3) Graphite Designs AD XC 8x. Shaft is tipped 1" and plays 42.5 in taylormade fairway wood. COmes with taylormade tip. $160obo Trade interests are not quite face balanced putters like evenroll er2 or spider putters with flow neck. Also looking for a 3 utility like sim udi or similar but will entertain others. Pl
  9. Looking for a utility 4 iron U500 is top choice but will entertain others looking for something like mmt 105tx shaft and will consider head only
  10. 1) graphite design your ad xc 7tx driver shaft no tipping with Callaway tour strong tip. Measures 44.25 and played 45.5 in Callaway driver. Used about one month. Sold 2) graphite design your ad xc 8 x tipped one inch with taylormade adapter. Measures 41.5 and plays just over 42.5 in sim 2 fairway. $185obo Might be interested in putters and maybe 2/3 hybrid or 7 wood with heavy shafts. Pm me with offers or questions.
  11. Just looking at the ping optimization chart if you want to go less the 2300 you will probably need to increase launch angle
  12. Been there done that I score better now and can still carry over 300.
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