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  1. I have played golf for nearly 50 years, just turned 62, and over the years I have had a fair number of short putts (less than 12 inches) for birdies but on 8/13/2021 I made my first hole in one on a 115 yd par 3 using a Titleist ProV1. BTW 8/13 was a Friday, so for once Friday the 13th worked in my favor.
  2. Depending on the temperature and wind I usually wear either a North Face Apex vest or a Patagonia Down Sweater vest.
  3. I previously used Lamkin UTX for several years and liked their firm feel. I recently ordered a new set of Mizuno JPX921 Forged/Tour combos and Mizuno didn't offer the UTX. I ended up going with the Sonar Tours which according to Lamkin feel slightly less firm, tacky, and traction compared to the UTXs. I have been very happy with the Sonar Tours and feel they still still give me a firm grip and excellent control of the club.
  4. Just replaced my older Vokey wedges (SM5) with a 54*S10 and a 58* D12. I only played one round so far, but the 58* D12 was perfect out of the 2 bunkers I was in and definitely an improvement compared to my old 60* 8* bounce lob wedge for short sided shots. Still need to experiment with it more, but the D grind seems very versatile!
  5. Played yesterday after a rare cold front dropped our temperatures from our normal low 60s to low 70s to the high 40s. Had the opportunity to play a course I really wanted to play, so my buddy and I decided to make do. I essentially used my winter fly fishing and general out door clothing for golf and went with Patagonia capilene midweight long underwear top and bottom, a long sleeve mock turtle neck, a North Face 1/4 zip fleece pull-over and a North Face Apex vest and my core was warm enough. Although the vest was wind resistant, the wind was the biggest obstacle and really made the cold feel much worse. Later in the morning when the wind died down, I was able to shed the vest and felt relatively warm.
  6. Just upgraded from my beloved, but 15 years old MP 32s, to a combo set of JPX 921 Forged 5-6 and Tour 7-PW. The 5 and 6 Forged appear slightly larger, but not distractingly so, and their performance more than makes up for their look. The 5 iron has become a solid performer at 190-200 yards with a nice high flight, solid feeling strike and just the right amount of forgiveness, without the total loss of feedback.
  7. For Christmas I received two new Vokey SM8 wedges, a 54* 10S and a 58* 12D to replace my old Spin-milled 56* AND 60* wedges. I had to opportunity to play 18 today and all I can say is I was overdue for new wedges; these were a game changer today.
  8. I did something similar combining a 5-6 921F and 7-PW 921T. Originally, I was going to do something similar and have either two 6 or 7 irons to get the proper gap between the combination of the 921F and 921T. My fitter said that Mizuno had already figured out the gaps and would adjust the lofts to achieve a consistent gap and lofts between the F and the T. The 5 and 6 921F were bent 1* and 2* strong and the 7-9 921T were bent 1* weak so the 5-9 lofts run from 25* to 41* in 4* increments.
  9. I recently decided the time had come to replace my 15 year old Sun Mountain stand bag; I have no idea of the model, but it had 5 dividers plus a dedicated putter slot (6 dividers total) and in my opinion it was perfect. At the very top (spine) of the bag was a putter slot, below that a single slot the width of the bag for driver, fairway and hybrid and below that were four dividers arranged 2 x 2 that held my 4-6, 7-9, PW-GW and SW-LW. I thought that organization was perfect, the putter was separate and protected and the rest of the clubs were grouped in an orderly manner that made it easy to locate and pull a specific club and a quick glance to verify that all clubs were accounted for before moving on to the next hole with minimal tangling. When I decided to replace it I was really bummed that I couldn't find a similar design, my choices were either 4 or 14 way dividers. The 4 way divider just seemed way too crowded and jumbled. Although I wasn't positive it was the right decision, I went with the 4.5 LS 14 way divider and I couldn't be happier. It took me a few tries to optimize the placement of clubs, but I have had no problems putting clubs in or taking them out. I am also amazed in 15 years how much lighter the new bag is despite being slightly larger than the old bag.
  10. I like a firm putter grip and the Lamkin Deep-Etched Full-Cord feels great and is definitely priced under an arm and a leg!
  11. Callaway Big Bertha 815 Alpha set to 10.5*
  12. Normally I am a ProV1 guy, but I recently tried the AVX and I have to admit I was impressed with the flight. I need to spend a little more time with it, especially chipping to see if it is a potential contender.
  13. I hover all my clubs, putter, irons, fairway and driver prior to starting my backswing, just feels like a smoother transition compared to starting from a grounded position.
  14. My Sonartec GS Tour 15 is going on 13 years! Despite a couple of experiments with newer 3 woods with the latest technology nothing else is as reliable, consistent or as long!
  15. When I couldn't find a replacement Scotty grip I also tried the Lamkin Deep-etched full cord grip (https://www.lamkingrips.com/shop/deep-etched-putter-grips-3/) and I haven't looked back. I don't know if the weight of the grip altered the balance or if the size, shape and texture just encourage a light-pressured grip, but my putting has never been better. Anything inside 5-6 ft is just about automatic and longer lag putts are tap-ins. All in all a good solid grip.
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