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  1. Initiating the downswing by bumping the trail knee toward the ball is something I get hung up on. That seems to promote goat humping/EE for me. Looking for that first move or feel to work on.
  2. Has anyone had success rehabbing a swing with this book/video series? I've lost 20-40 yards through the bag and 6-7 points on my handicap due to early extension and the hit impulse. I'm reading this book and trying to learn how to focus on the knees in what Michael McTeigue refers to as the lighthouse turn. Just wanted to ping the community and check the pulse of everyone with regard to this series. I lost my swing by following a certain Vegas pro who preached upward angle of attack. Don't want to go down that road again!
  3. Thanks for the replies all. I’ve strengthened the grip and am hitting much more consistently with a better ball flight. The big breakthrough (which couldn’t have been picked up on from a face on view) had a lesson from a local pro yesterday and he noticed the S Posture in my setup. I started correcting for this prior to every swing and instantly picked up speed and consistency.
  4. No Dtl unfortunately. Face does look overrotated early for such a short backswing. Think I’m dumping lag/angles early to square it?
  5. It’s a freezer so I’m pausing at the top on purpose. Also, I feel I’m castingnon my downswing and have a weak impact position.
  6. Former 5 handicap good ball striker and I’ve now lost three clubs through the bag. Got a lesson from Monte in Columbus In Summer 2016. One of the best lessons I’ve gotten. Came out of it with a plan to practice half swings, get more tilt, swing through ball with more level shoulders, and keep right elbow in with body. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlmsnqL74eA Above is my swing. It’s two years later and I haven’t been able to make any progress sadly. Even with a half swing, I’m casting like a *****. Anyone see any root cause to eliminate here?
  7. Lead shoulder low has always made sense to me, but when during the swing should the lead shoulder work back upwards? Starting at around club parallel to ground (P6)? Boomer- Good question. Lead shoulder low is a takeaway swing thought in assuming. Is the downswing throught trail shoulder around and low? RichieHunt- Your point about not knowing enough about the swing to know which teachers were good is big. I saw a assistant pro at a club when I joined (partly to establish rapport) years ago and he taught me to overrotate the forearms as a first move so that I’m square at the top. I’m still fighting excessive overrotation. I really regret that lesson package.
  8. Misery loves company so I thought I’d start a thread to hear from golfers who lost there swing on what they believe led them to a flawed less efficient swing. I’ll start. Years ago I was flirting with par every round but still looking for distance which has always been very important to me. A few years ago, at age 28, I spent the entire winter watching YouTube videos on angle of attack and how that can increase distance with no increase in swing speed. A particular video from a Las Vegas pro whose name I will not mention comes to mind. I became so obsessed with hitting up that I began flipping and not rotating but actually sliding into the ball. Results were actually positive for a month or so on a simulator but this soon led to me losing 3 clubs through my bag. I’m now in my early 30s and still in good shape. However I have to rely on an improved short game to score and now am unable to flirt with par.. It’s been tough adjusting to the normal and the fact that my tee ball, which was once the longest, is now often ge shortest off the tee in my group. I’ve had lessons with Monte, I teach, and a local pro which seem to be on in identifying my problem. I also have access to a simulator in my garage. I just can’t for the life of me get my body to rotate and stop flipping. Maybe something good will come out of this. Perhaps some cautionary tales or two.
  9. I received my NX7Pro this weekend and used it for 81 holes of golf. The normal non-slope reading was always within 2-3 yards of the Bushnell's I was playing with. However, my slope readings were always way off. I also noticed that the slope was always higher than the non-slope reading. This was even the case when I was certain that I was hitting to a green below the tee box in elevation. Is there something I can adjust? Anyone else having this issue?
  10. A 9.5* M3 is $540. Only have deals on 1 and 3 lined up for $400.
  11. We've agreed he is compensating me for the replacement value of my club 24 hours ago so that's not an issue. I just can't technically get the same club before the tournament with that amount of money. Timing throws it off some so it looks like I may parlay this into an upgrade.
  12. Once I adjust down to 8.5*, couldn't I then just move a slider or make another hosel adjustment to get the face back to the standard face angle so that it's not 4* open and is instead square?
  13. So 24 hours ago I owned a '16 M1 9.5* with Aldila Rogue Silver 70 shaft. I had the weight moved forward with the most forward CG possible. My launch was 1 or 2* HIGHER than optimal but my spin was optimal. Last night, a good friend of mine got under a ball with my M1 and dented the tar out of it. It's now unusable and I have a tournament that starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. I prefer not to spend much on clubs and use them for 3 years on average. I have a few options: 1) Purchase an M3 10.5* for $400 and put my Rogue Silver 70 shaft into it with the adapters. I'd have to crank the loft down and then move toward the draw with the slider to optimize launch and then negate the opening of the face. Finally, Id have to slide the CG weight forward to get lower spin. Lots of tinkering but less cost. Would the amount of tinkering affect performance negatively? 2) Purchase an M3 8.5% for $540 and put my Rogue Silver 70 shaft into. Slide the CG weight forward and it should be good to go. Much less tinkering. 3) Purchase a 9* Rogue Subzero for $400 and stay with the stiff Evenflow shaft. Hope that the launch and spin are optimized.
  14. Still go them? How many rounds/range sessions on them?
  15. Thanks Monte! Is anyone aware of a video in which Monte shows what the arms moving diagonally forward (from FO) looks/feels like?
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