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  1. These irons appear to have much less camber than the last T100 model. Particularly on the leading edge, which is not great news for anyone that is a digger like me.
  2. Up for grabs is my nearly new combo set of Callaway Apex Pro/Apex MB irons 4-AW. They are shafted in the hard-to-find, up-charged Project X LS 6.5 125gr and were soft stepped once. The 7-iron plays approx 37.75” in length (+.3/4”) and I had BB&F custom ferrules added to the clubs. I have only played 3 rounds of golf with them this year and basically zero range time.Not interested in any trades unless you have a new set of Srixon ZX7 shafted in something similar to the PX LS. Looking for $TRADED shipped. I have more detailed photos of the faces etc if you would like to see them. P
  3. No. The 2 iron is standard lie. Length is +.75”. It is conditionally sold right now.
  4. 1. Up for sale is my set of Titleist 716 T-MB irons 4-PW. They are shafted with Nippon Modus 120 TX shafts. The full set of these clubs are very very rare and were only available through the Titleist Made Only To Order (MOTO) program. If you like the looks of a more compact, muscle back/blade design but need a little more forgiveness these are perfect for you. They are 3 degrees upright and .75” over Titleist standard. Clubs are all in good condition with the exception of the plating at the hosel of the 4 iron. The club maker that was adjusting the lie applied too much force and the plat
  5. Just feel like taking a step back in flex might do me some good. I have quick club speeds but I'm not a heavy loader of the shaft and I think that X100 might be a better fit for me given the stoutness of the Modus TX profile.
  6. Gonna give these a go next time I change the grips out.
  7. Really? I would have thought the other way around. Driver head weights and designs can vary wildly from one another and have significant impacts on how the same shaft performs. I would consider the opposite in finding a driver head that provides you with the best ball speeds and then look to find a shaft that can deliver consistent, centred strikes and then utilize the movable weights and hosel setting to tune in preferred start lines and ball flights.
  8. Never played Primland or the Greenbrier, but I can vouch for the Homestead. I worked at the resort in 1998 and had a great time while living on site in staff accommodations right in Hot Springs. At the time there were three courses on property but I understand that they have since closed the Lower Cascades course. The Cascades is a tougher challenge over the Old Course but it is no slouch by any stretch. Was very fortunate to see Sam Snead on property 2-3x week hitting balls at the back of the range at the teaching academy with his little dog along for the ride. I b
  9. I love the insights that the Arccos gives me. The more info the better as far as I'm concerned. A couple of thoughts: 1. Phone in pocket is mildly annoying and it does miss the odd shot here or there. Not the end of the world. 2. Apple watch 5 shot detection is not great. Misses a lot of shots. 3. When I get towards the bottom of the bag I start using my wedges to make 1/2 and 3/4 shots (when required) and those shots tend to throw the distance averages off. Other than those things I really like the Arccos.
  10. -1 If I could use 2 rangefinders, one for each eyeball, I would.
  11. Can you elaborate. Haven't heard this before. All models and weights or only certain ones?
  12. I have Modus 120 TX and I was just saying to myself that I might go back to the X100's.
  13. Rogue Silver 125 or 130 MSI are good options. They will help bring that swingweight down. Not sure about 6 or 7 points but it will help. I'm not sure what you currently have on now, but you can also try a heavier grip as well. That will also bring the SW down.
  14. Great to read these positive reviews. That price tag though...
  15. Does that Peter Millar jacket run a little small in the body or in the arms. I've got long arms but don't necessarily need the extra size in the body.
  16. Great looking clubs! Wish I had the cojones to put them in the quiver.
  17. Spent a summer in Virginia at a golf resort and it would get ridiculously hot there (I'm from Canada and anything over 85 qualifies as ridiculously hot). In addition to being hot, it was also quite muggy too and on crazy hot days there was no better feeling than ditching my golf shoes and going barefoot. I absolutely loved it. A bi-product of swinging barefoot was that it did wonders for improving your balance but make sure you use sunscreen as the first time I did this I forgot and burnt the hell out of the tops of my feet. Lessons learned...
  18. They aren't my cup of tea visually, but as always, performance should be the only metric that counts. Within reason of course....Cleveland VAS.
  19. Great review. Very jealous, as I'm trying to track down a U500 2iron myself right now. I have a GOST TX enroute as we speak and I'm looking forward to that combo, but if it sucks then the 10X Blue is next up on the docket.
  20. I don’t believe they do. This is simply a case of semantics at this point.
  21. I should definitely give it a go one of these days.
  22. I currently play a full set of Titleist TMB 716 irons but I am about to pick up a combo set of Titleist T100S, T100 and CB irons. As for gappings of 6 degrees or more at the bottom of the bag, it’s really difficult to be precise where you absolutely need to be with that kind of set up.
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