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  1. Yes, I have a few Scotty Cameron visors. Switching to a hat with the cold weather coming...
  2. Ha, you got me! I bought that TM towel a few years ago, and never mind getting it dirty! It also came with a waffle pocket towel that is handy on the greens...
  3. I am of the opinion that Titleist makes the best golf equipment. Anybody else have a bag with only Titleist products?
  4. Good day all, I ordered the TSi2 driver and fairways and they just arrived. I ordered the Kurokage shafts for all since I needed a little higher launch. I had the Kurokage 55 gram stiff shaft before in the TS2 and the new driver shaft is 50 grams, which I do not think is a huge deal. the 3 and 5 woods that I had before were the Aldila Rogue Stiff shafts were 70 and 80 grams respectively. What came were two stiff Kurokage shafts that were both 55 grams. Is this normal? Almost seems like senior flex and I am wondering if I should return them...
  5. Joepa324

    Ping ie1

    I went from the Ie1s (loved them) to the i500s and hated those! Looking back, I should have given them more than three rounds, but I ran through 5 sets of irons in 3 months. Some I never even hit. settled on Titleist CNCPTS. Best of luck!
  6. Does anybody use the Kurokage shafts in these? I need the higher launch, but it does not seem like anybody else does...
  7. Good day, I am thinking of getting rid of my stand bag since I do not carry anymore. Does anyone know of the Clicgear 8 pushcart can accommodate the largest staff cart bags? Thanks much,
  8. Titleist CNCPT-01. Thank me later.
  9. Got diagnosed yesterday, it is like kidney stones for your arm! What a kick in the nuts for a golfer...
  10. At least you made an educated choice. Good on you for that!
  11. Judas Priest. Sorry it did not work out...
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