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  1. Glad to see others are spending a fortune on gloves as well, misery loves company. I typically go through 6 a year when I am not playing much. I use the Titleist Players glove that feels great, but does not have a long lifespan. I generally can purchase a six pack on EBay for about $120 or so.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked, but will it be another month for the next drop? Thanks much,
  3. Club Cameron membership.
  4. I just want to get a couple of shirts, is that tough to do? thanks in advance!
  5. I am looking to join this year. I do not care what the swag is, I am tired of paying $200 for a Scotty shirt on Ebay…
  6. I was a guest at LACC on vacation and the host had to bring me a pair of slacks. They were pink with flamingos on them!
  7. Pocket towel! So much easier than bringing a large towel to the green…
  8. All Titleist... Driver: Titleist TSi2 3 Wood: Titleist TSi2 5 Wood: Titleist TSi2 21* Hybrid: Titleist TSi2 5-48: Titleist CNCPT-01 54*: Vokey Slate Blue 60*: Vokey Slate Blue Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Ball: Titleist Pro V1 Bag: Titleist Staff Stand Bag #TeamTitleist
  9. Correct, my SB SM8s are on order. I will worry about the SM9s next year!
  10. Just ordered mine, good luck to all!
  11. I have 48, 54 60. It is all about improvisation.
  12. I was going to use my 45 inch driver shaft in my 5 wood. I have now scrapped that idea since I sold the club yesterday. Thanks.
  13. I am not a 2 handicap, but I am right behind you age-wise. I made the jump to SGi, still getting used to it...
  14. Scotty Newport 2. I think it was from around 2008-2009 era, but I had the custom shop restore it a few years ago...
  15. Sorry, I should have elaborated. I have 55 gram Kurokage shaft from my TS2 driver, so I will try it out. Thanks all for your responses!
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