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  1. 2016 M1 10.5 head. Barely used, very good condition sold 2017 M1 9.5 head. Barely used. Very good condition. Sold
  2. Up for sale: Bridgestone J15 MB 3-PW $315.00 DG Pro X100 Standard: L/L/L These are in excellent condition. They have been sitting in a back up bag for a year. No browning at all, just normal bag chatter. Everything is stock on these irons except a re grip. They have Lamkin standard crossline's in excellent condition. Edit: Last 3 photos are 8, 9, PW in that order. Those show the most wear. Thanks
  3. Up for sale is set of Srixon z 765 irons Standard L/L/L Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X-100 Normal bag chatter, faces are clean. The 7,8,9 iron have some very light browning on them as show in the pics. The 9i has a very small nick on the sole. I tried to get the best picture that I could of that. NDMC white/black Price Drop from $375.00 325.00 Shipped. Thank you.
  4. I have played the DG pro’s for the past 18 months in X-100s. Prior to that I’ve played X-100s for years. They are supposed to be the same shaft until about the 6i where I believe the stepping changes to help launch the long irons higher. They work really well for me, and I do feel like they play softer than a regular X-100 but only in the longer irons. From 7i and down I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between the Pros and the “regular” version. I agree with Stuart though. Bending will be king. If you got your hands on a DG pro 5 or 4 iron then that maybe all you need to see the difference between the two models. Like I said 7i and down will be, or should be the same.
  5. I’m currently playing a set of j15 mb’s With the DG pro X-100. Feels like a normal X-100 to me until about 6i and from there on is where these really work well for me. I’ve always played X-100s in my irons and I’ve tried a bunch of other shafts, but always came back to the DG feel. The DG pros offer the same feel your used to, but with a little help getting your launch up in the long irons. While keeping the lower flight for the short irons. I think the stepping gets more progressive as the set goes on. Maybe a slightly softer tip in the long irons. They don’t make these any more, but you should be able to find them used.
  6. Most, if not all the MB’s are gonna perform the same or similar distance wise. That’s the beauty of playing a MB. No surprises. When I play irons I want to know my 7 iron is gonna carry 175 and no more. The biggest difference tho that I find between MB sets are sole design. The “Asian” market brands Bridgestone, Srixon have soles that work better for people that tend to be more of a digger. They feel like to me that they have more bounce and I don’t feel like I’m gonna dig a hole to China with them. That’s just my opinion though. Currently playing j15 MB and I am very happy with them.
  7. I played the j15 cb's for the 2016/2017 season and they are a great club. If your someone that tends to get steep with their irons then I don't think you can find a much better sole design. Heads felt "ok" to me but, nothing that I was crazy about. I also didn't like the larger head sizes in the 9i and PW. That's getting nit picky tho. The j15 MB's I had in the bag all of last season and I gotta say its the best irons I think I have ever played. They are staying in the bag for a long time. This isn't my first set of blades though and definitely not the most "compact" blade out there. Compared to my Cobra amp cell pros these inspire a lot more confidence. The feel on a center strike is the best your gonna find IMO. I could be wrong, but these MB's seem longer from heel to toe than say a Titleist MB. I would also say the soles on the j15 MB's are no where near comparable to a Titleist MB or a Mizuno MB. As someone that gets steep and likes to take a healthy divot this is where these clubs shine for me. I have played the Mizuno MP line in the past and obviously they are a great club, but the sole design just didn't work for me. Again the sole design IMO is what really sets these apart from other blades. Ill add also that for a blade I feel like they are somewhat more forgiving than maybe the MP line or the Titleist line, but still a blade. I’m a bit of a iron geek and these things I just can’t say enough good things about. Looks, feel, and performance they have it all. If your someone that needs more of a higher launch, especially on your long irons the DG pro shafts are great. My 6I SS was at 96. I’ve played x100’s in basically all my irons in past, but struggle hitting my 4i and 5i with enough height. If you need some help with launch in the longer irons the DG pros are money. Still playing the DG pros at x100 as well.
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