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  1. 1) Are the Marias ferrules still available? and 2) Would you consider sending them to Canada?
  2. Anyone got some BB&F Co. ferrules kicking around that they want to get rid of? Looking for a set of 8. A lot of the designs I like are sold out on the site, so I thought maybe some folks on here have some that they're not gonna use that suit my eye. Would prefer shorties, but will consider anything. Need them to fit a .355" hosel size.
  3. Hit one ~397 on the Pacifico Course @ Punta Mita, Mexico. It was men's day, and we were playing a fun little scramble format which had us up on the ladies tees for that hole (for every birdie you moved up a tee box, par you stayed put, and bogeys you moved back). It's a par 5, and the hole was playing about 405 from the ladies tee that day. Don't think I've ever hit a drive as flush as that one, and it ended up about yards short of the green. Definitely aided by a downhill slope on the initial bounce & roll, but it did go back uphill about 50yds short of the green. Hole is at sea level.
  4. One thing I did see is that the buyer/seller status on the feedback from the old site seems to be swapped. If I look at the feedback where I was the seller, it says I was the buyer...and vice versa. Not a huge issue, obviously...just something I noticed while going through it.
  5. Looking for a Project X Catalyst 100 6.5-flex shaft to put in a 21* Callaway X-Forged UT iron. Just wondering if anyone has a single shaft they're willing to part with (new or a pull).
  6. FWIW, those X-Forged Shafts are Project X PXi, not regular Project X shafts. They were the stock shaft for that club offering. GLWS
  7. People who routinely scam others tend to get good at it after a while. Probably not the first picture they've doctored with hopes of misleading someone.
  8. LOL. He shipped a club in a bag box? That's some next-level dum dum right there.
  9. If by any chance someone is interested in those shafts, I'd be interested in the heads (if you're willing to ship to Canada, that is).
  10. Now that all the children have gotten that out of their system, maybe I'll get some real answers?
  11. Hey all Wondering where one goes if they'd like to take courses (and possibly get certified) in clubmaking/club tech work. Having worked in golf retail for a few years, I became proficient in regripping & doing minor alterations...but I'd like to learn how to properly do the more major work, like reshafts, loft/lie adjustments, etc... Not looking to get into it full time, as I love my current career...just thought it could be a casual side-hustle. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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