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  1. I made a recent WTB post looking for a 50* wedge, but I'd also be open to a complete set with a 50, 56 and 60, or even a 50, 54 and 58.
  2. Old WRX would have just said "yeah, you're weird" New WRX gets all virtue-signally self-righteous.
  3. *sigh* should have known this would just devolve into a thread about whether or not I take gimmies. I miss the old days of GolfWRX
  4. I just kinda had a random thought - I never have, and never will, use a putter that doesn't also possess the ability to pick up a ball in some way....the most common way, obviously, being you kinda scoop up the ball with the back end of the clubhead. And it's not as though I refuse to bend over to pick it up...I do that all the time...I guess I've just conditioned myself to believe that a putter should be that way. Anyone else feel the same way?
  5. Hoooooo boy, if I hadn't picked up a set in the off season, would have seriously considered this. Beautiful. GLWS
  6. In the video, once he gets to the back tees he says that he's "bringing out the competition driver", and also refers to it as the "real" driver...so he was very likely hitting a standard 45 for the first two tee boxes.
  7. I'm totally calling my pitching wedge a "pew" from now on.
  8. 1) Would you sell the head-only? and if so, 2) Would you consider shipping to Canada?
  9. 1) Are the Marias ferrules still available? and 2) Would you consider sending them to Canada?
  10. Hit one ~397 on the Pacifico Course @ Punta Mita, Mexico. It was men's day, and we were playing a fun little scramble format which had us up on the ladies tees for that hole (for every birdie you moved up a tee box, par you stayed put, and bogeys you moved back). It's a par 5, and the hole was playing about 405 from the ladies tee that day. Don't think I've ever hit a drive as flush as that one, and it ended up about yards short of the green. Definitely aided by a downhill slope on the initial bounce & roll, but it did go back uphill about 50yds short of the green. Hole is at sea level.
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