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  1. I need to go on a diet because that's some great stuff at a great price!
  2. If I can get some stuff sold before the Sim is gone I’ll take it. That’s my perfect setup.
  3. Hello everybody cleaning out the bag to make room for next years gear. All prices are OBO and shipped in the USA. Trades are always welcome. 1. PXG gen2 combo set - 4-6 0311p 7-pw 0311t standard everything 7 iron measures 37”. Tour issued DG x100’s with black iomic grips. $850.00 price drop 2. Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero 9 degree with Small batch hulk 60 gram 6.5 flex measures right at 45” no tipping. $450.00 price drop 3. Vokey SM6 wedge set 52-56-60 black with KBS Custom Series black shafts. These have been my babies for 3 years now so I’ve taken good care of
  4. Oh man i'm going to have a hard time passing up those 59's! Those are my favorite MP's i've ever played.
  5. Those are a dream set of irons for me, let me know if you need a kidney or something! GLWS!
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