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  1. Great looking bag! I have same one in Charcoal and get a lot of compliments on it.
  2. Hello all, Got a lot of good things for sale today that I need to unload because the garage is getting full. All prices are OBO and delivered. 1. SWAG Masters Blade headcover sealed never opened. Sold 2. SWAG High Voltage Skulls Mallet games but only for about a month. Sold 3. Project X Hzrdus USA Edition 60gram TX Flex 44 1/2” Titleist Tip $225.00 4. Ventus Velecore Black 7s Callaway tip 44” Sold 5. Oban Kiyoshi 05flex 65gram Titleist Tip 44” $175.00 6. Diamana Ahina ION finish 60gram x5ct X flex 44 1/2” Callaway tip Sold 7. Odyssey #7 OG 35
  3. Got my king mallet also today, the details and colors are sick!
  4. I’m looking to buy a -4 gram sliding weight for my TSi3. I posted in the WTB forums but thought this section might have a club builder that might have one.
  5. Damn missed out on that KJUS jacket! That’s a nice piece!
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