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  1. Well well well the first one on the site.
  2. Man that’s a great deal! If it were bigger I’d buy it for sure!
  3. Jesus Christ! Unless you’re buying a kidney don’t sell these!
  4. Somebody buy this gear and send this great American off to deployment with no worries! Thank you for your service and be safe!
  5. Great bag! I love mine and get lots of compliments on it.
  6. Hey All! Got a few things I need to move today, all prices are OBO and shipped in the USA. I would really like to trade for an AutoFlex 505X but i'll listen to all trade offers. 1. Titleist TSI3 9 Degree head only -SOLD This was used for one season as you can see from the picture the head is in really good shape no sky marks or anything just some minor scratches from normal usage. Have a few extra back weights also that will be included. 2. AutoFlex 505XX - SOLD Used this shaft for a few months and I think I need the 505X. Really love the shaft but just a little stiff for my swing. It has a Callaway tip on it and as you can see from the pictures it measures just a shade under 44" 4. SWAG - EL Grande Sherbert King Mallet $200.00
  7. If anybody has these pants in a bigger size hit me up! Those are sweet! GLWS!
  8. I bought a driver head on Monday from jbird902, he received the paypal Monday but he hasn't responded since receiving the money. Thanks
  9. Full disclosure I bought these on here a few weeks ago and thought I was going to love them but in true WRX fashion I've already moved on so my loss is your gain. I bought these for $1500.00 so I'm going to be taking a bath on these but got to move them to fund my next project. Price is OBO and shipped in the USA. I'm open to iron sets with Stiff+ and x-stiff shafts for trades. Specs: T100S P-7 T200 6-4 Tour Issue X100 +1/4”, 2 flat Z-grip logo down D4 swing weight Sold
  10. Would you do $100.00 for the 3wood head? If so send me your PayPal and I’ll send you the funds. Thanks
  11. Have the WWJD cover on my 3 wood right now, it's awesome and gets a lot of looks.
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