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  1. I think they've historically done it after the official release date. Hope they do it again.
  2. Is it possible to order hot melt through ping? Noticed a few comments in here. Any insight is appreciated.
  3. AUSTADS-OMAHA MAPLE Omaha, ne +2 Ping g410 lst 9* VA Nemsys 5 No TSi3 Yes
  4. Hope this helps. Found this within a brochure on VA's site. I'm currently playing the nemesys 65 x and would agree with others on profile relative to the ventus. Very similar when comparing. Maybe a stiffer tip in nemesys but a softer butt.
  5. Tried both and currently game the z785. Had the predecessor (MP18MMC) before my current set. As previously mentioned the turf interaction is phenomenal and imo they are softer feeling.
  6. Well I just ordered a 65x from People's. (15% off right now) Have a g410 lst coming from DD to put it in. Chalk it up to another random quarantine purchase.
  7. G410 LST and g410 crossover 2 iron. Still on the fence with trying a VA nemesys but will probably cave and order it
  8. Ordered g410 LST with tensei orange 60x the other day. Tried it last year and was impressed. With the price reduction and having ample amounts of time on my hands I pulled the trigger. Currently gaming epic flash SZ TD w/ AD IZ 6x. Have some different shafts around I might throw in it. Including the IZ
  9. Kentsp1

    toulon putters

    Took advantage of the 20% off on callaway preowned and scooped up a Las Vegas H7 35" 2* flat with pistol grip. Initial first few rolls with it have been promising. Has great balance and very easy to release.
  10. This shaft is awesome. Just demoed it for a week with an event smack dab in the middle of that. 6x in a epic flash sz triple diamond. Shaft you can feel load but it doesnt come with an occasional quick hook I usually see with shafts with this much kick. I typically need a driver shaft in the 70 gram range or my timing gets off. Can't say that was the case here. Very impressed. Just ordered one through discount Dan's and will probably pull the trigger on a sz flash 3 wood with 7x.
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