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  1. Keep your current hybrids and use the Cleveland Launcher HB's for your mid/short irons. You'll love 'em. The long irons in the HB set have some offset whereas the 6-W have very minimal offset.
  2. Costco has them back on their site.
  3. That's a good question. Anybody know?
  4. An orange Wilson Chaos that I found and played with for four rounds was without a doubt the most underrated ball I've ever used. I lost it when it rolled off a baked out fairway on a tight par 5 tee shot and I still can't believe I couldn't find it. Had Chaos on it like spray paint. Looking back it was a huge sign that I need a low spin ball. I can't spin anything anyway. Not on purpose.
  5. https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/features/equipment-features/2019/september/robot-tested-which-golf-bal-suits-my-game/
  6. I saw a pretty detailed ball review at the PXG testing center put on by another site. The ad333 spun more than all the urethane balls except one. There's not much difference anymore for full wedge shots between urethane and that two piece ball. Maybe short pitches/chips. Not sure if the two piece srixon has a urethane cover though. It was a yard or so shorter than the tour balls.
  7. Dude buy a damn sleeve and try them yourself. You’ve spent a year and a half asking about them. Spend twenty five bucks and give them a go.
  8. Played a duo soft spin for a few holes after league. They were a gift so not sure what they cost but they were fine. I holed out a pitch for a bird on a par 3 that I pulled 8 iron about 10 yards left of an elevated green sloping away from me as I was a little past pin hi. Popped right out of the gnarley rough landed right where I wanted and rolled down the slope dead into the hole. Obviously pure luck but best shot I had that day. Also held an elevated green with an 8 iron that I pulled (see the pattern here?) and thought for sure it would roll off the back but it didn't. Looked everywhere and it was up on the green. I think I like the fact that my poor chipping efforts will roll out a bit more and small sample size but I didn't roll through the other green I hit either. I'm going to play these next week in league and see how that goes. Might be onto something. Thanks munichop!
  9. I play a dead hands toe down basic putting motion chip shot. Just practiced on my carpet with a k3, Wilson Staff FG Tour, Pinnacle Rush, and Wilson Staff Duo Spin. My miss hit with this type of chip is typically short and it's very clear the surlyn balls are going further on my mishit than the urethane balls, which means a shorter putt as my short game miss in inevitably short. I think I'm going to go with some surlyn's for a bit and see how that works out.
  10. If the three piece Surlyn covered balls are old tech the two piece balls should be their equal, correct? There are still quite a few multi layered ionomer covered balls for sale so folks must be buying them. At this point I know what I am as a golfer and it's scraping a 40 once a week on league night. At my skill level I don't think there's any reason to play urethane. It would be awesome if there was a strokes gained formula for golf balls but there's very little info out there about selecting a golf ball other than "start at the green and work your way back". Or the Golf mags showing spin numbers on partial wedge shots. Midwest golf on public courses with soaked bent grass greens doesn't require many spinny shots and those low spinners have never been an option for me anyway. So is there any reason to pay extra for a mantle on a surlyn covered ball in 2019?
  11. Have you had any previous gens, like HB3? How do they compare? The HB3's have saved my sanity. It's hard to hit a bad shot with them. I am just ready for senior shafts. Yes I had the original when I started playing. Never should have got rid of them. Love the newer version.
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