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  1. To me they are like a smooth cambered C-Grind. Low bounce is a bit more narrow and with a bit less bounce making it sit a little lower.
  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks
  3. This. However practice without knowledge won't help as much as you think it should. Point #2 can not be stated enough.
  4. Had it and it's not low bounce. Perhaps the most misleading stated 'effective bounce' of all time.
  5. Guaranteed! And it won't be because of the irons.
  6. Titleist...all blades. Love the look of the new TM P7-CB's.
  7. Technically no. However the new low bounce K grind is as close as you can get...somewhat...IMO. Assuming you're talking about the ATV grind.
  8. That grind has some seriously high bounce right up front. You would be surprised how well it handles full and partial shots. The 'extra low' and '3 degree' bounce descriptions is very misleading.
  9. Newly designed spinner shaft. And apparently they will have additional grinding options on the RAW version when it comes out...for an additional charge. X-Low grind is gone which is a shame because it's the best grind for everything IMHO.
  10. A little paint removal on the 'zip core' and the 2 lines would make these look good. Loving my RTX 4's more and more with each passing day.
  11. I have the Hi-Toe 60 ATV. Completely different animal. All the bounce is in the back with a scalloped sole and a slight bump right on the front edge. I'm more of a fan of the 4-way camber. I prefer a wide sole that is medium to low bounce.
  12. Cleveland RTX 4 X-Low is very similar. If you like the bounce a bit more up front, you might want to look at a Vokey V-Grind or possibly an RTX 4 V-Grind (mid bounce).
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