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  1. I am really impressed with the 921 line. I got a set of the tours as they offer the gap wedge in a players iron. I am not disappointed at all. Very crisp feeling and true ball flight for me. I would not expect distance to be a selling feature but it is consistent. I dropped five balls on course and they were all within 5 yards of each other front to back which is nice depending on my abilities. They are pretty straight and I can move them when I want. Some people who did not like the feel of the MMC may like these. The S taper isnt a bad shaft at all. I do not get CTaper spin but the ballflig
  2. Ya the MC look much better looking down than the 770 if you like smaller head sizes. I have a set but the box but am debating pulling them out. The 770 are good but man do they get eaten up by wind because they go high
  3. I think Kale has had all the cards and memberships. This year if I recall, he was just playing twilights and he may have saved some coin. If you play over 50 times, then a membership makes the most sense. After crushing told me about his membership at Country Hills, I am seriously pondering for next year.
  4. I have a VIP card. The rates this year are all over the place with little savings compared to last year and less services. I am not happy with that this year and just bought a membership for the rest of the year at one of my fav haunts. Courses used to be way more affordable and they keep raising rates. This puts me outside the benefit of not buying a membership. They were really awesome in the past and I have used them for over 10 years.
  5. 70 or so for me, my game peaked and is now looking like I am reconnecting with reality. We shall see. Good to see that you all have been getting out.
  6. It’s a choice to dodge cougars and bears or browns and reds. We get 6 months of bliss!
  7. Having just hit the 770 and HMB. The top line on the 770 look thinner to my eye. They feel good, more so like the 790, mc and mb have a more pure feel. I hope to get my 770 within the next week or two. Will have a set of M.C. when they arrive in store knocked it out of the park with this release!
  8. What a summer all things considered! I hope you folks are having an awesome season!
  9. I only have a few rounds in with s400. Good wedge that feels excellent. They spin fine. It’s boutique and there are other wedges that do the same thing but may not feels as good. I was coming from glide forged for reference
  10. Delacour is great. 2nd green is a bit rough. Course is great. Bugs are bad. Huge and nasty. Greens are great.
  11. Took about three weeks for my custom order. I was surprised as I thought I’d see it in July.
  12. Ya pointe side got it worst from what I saw. Hopeful it will be better in July. I played at 6ish so the wind picked up a lot. Oh well such is life round here. I need wind irons and calm irons I guess :)
  13. I played heritage today as well. Is it me, that course was manicured better. Maybe winter hit it on the Pointe really bad. Desert was good except the 2-3 club winds... starting to find something. I need to practice more as I sure do notice short war, ups do nothing for me. I also played the tips and it was an alright day. Front 9 sucks back was ok. Missed a few really easy birds that had me swearing
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