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  1. I played the 100's and they are fantastic irons. I now have 921T and am not having any remorse. Feel edges towards Mizuno, forgiveness also goes to 921T, the 100's might be a couple yards longer. Ball flight is better for me with the Mizuno. I get a little lower trajectory with enough spin to hold greens easily. I like the 921's more. The 100's are shorter and thinner top line to my eye, might need callipers to measure though If wear is a concern, I notice more chatter on the 921 because the finish just shows it more, the metal seems softer too. Overall, I would go 921 a
  2. The track was alright for early year. I saw lots of peeps working on the course. I hope the new owners really do keep up with it. the wind sucked yesterday. Kills the card and the pride. here’s hoping our spots all open up this week!
  3. Looking forward to seeing how improved the Track is. Prior ownership let that course go. Another week before my course opens, I hope. Really looking forward to this year and am sending out positive golf vibes to y'all.
  4. It could happen this year. I am worried about tee times this year as course are gonna be packed. Later in summer?
  5. Oh ya, what a show that's gonna be. Cousin Eddy hit TPC so that can't absorb anything ether. I do not know what would be worse, Fox or Heatherglen right now. So many sprayed golf balls everywhere. Slow as. Oh the joys
  6. Heatherglen has won the YYC first to open it appears. I hope tee sheets are not going to be like they were last year. Kale, sounds like you are off to a great start. Perhaps a club championship or another trophy comes your way this year.
  7. When I can play, I will do my best. Ranges are opening here, soon to be courses. I love this thread this time of year
  8. Henderson in LA, is open on Friyay. I am not playing but hey. Alberta courses are opening! Ill wait a couple weeks till my course opens. Its golf season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Haha. I hope this melt keeps going for two weeks. Maybe first week of april? Let us all hope!
  10. Fox Hollow opens on the 22nd? Followed by Blue Devil, Glen Eagles, and more? Let hope folks. The range are crazy busy and I still cannot believe how many people picked up golf
  11. All the vendors have demo days in YYC. Usually the really big one is at rivers edge to when courses open they usually have every OEM there. COVID has put a damper on this so not too many demo days were around last year. I hope that changes this year. Seems that most people have their try out sticks by March and when the demo's do pop up they are into their gamer sticks for the rest of the season Cruisin gets a slick look at things at CH. I love that nest concept! I don't know why people slag/hate GT so much. There are some really good fitters there that care about the custo
  12. I know! That course was great for the community. Surprised that it didn’t turn a profit substantial enough to keep ops going. Lots of clubs have membership drives going but the asking prices are so high in many cases in YYC. To lose a good track with ok value is tough
  13. I am hopeful but would be surprised if anything stays open. Sad time As lakeside is being redeveloped. It was a fun track and now there will be more people looking to join elsewhere. Good thing about winter is I have a few months to think about where to join next year. Membership might be the only way to go in the calgary market. Holy did golf ever make a strong comeback. Hope you all had a great season! I love it in this thread in March as we are all chompin at the boys to get going
  14. I am really impressed with the 921 line. I got a set of the tours as they offer the gap wedge in a players iron. I am not disappointed at all. Very crisp feeling and true ball flight for me. I would not expect distance to be a selling feature but it is consistent. I dropped five balls on course and they were all within 5 yards of each other front to back which is nice depending on my abilities. They are pretty straight and I can move them when I want. Some people who did not like the feel of the MMC may like these. The S taper isnt a bad shaft at all. I do not get CTaper spin but the ballflig
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