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  1. Never allowed on our course. If you miss your time you are either getting a ride up to #2 or heading back to the clubhouse for a new one.
  2. I'm a FootJoy snob when it comes to gloves. StaSof for practice/range. Pure Touch for play.
  3. Hard to beat the forgiveness and playability of a hybrid. A wood is just too limited by lie for me. I feel like I can attack from just about anywhere with a hybrid and my miss hits don't vary nearly as much as they do with the long irons.
  4. Off to putt. Feels strange to putt with it on. A glove is really the least of my worries on the green though.
  5. That's rich from the guy carrying a ball retriever that extends to 35 ft. and plays with no situation awareness or care for the groups behind him.
  6. Did you forget that when you sit 300 yards down the fairway, the group behind arrives at the box as well? Perhaps I can carry a stop sign in my bag to place on the path while I take my tour of the golf course. Or perhaps I can be the genius that brings his drone with him and flys it down the fairway. Safety first!
  7. You must be drink cart guy. 9 deep through 4 holes and driving on the tee boxes. We don't allow cargo shorts and Budweiser t-shirts on our golf course so... I know this blows you away... For the 15th time, you cannot drive anywhere in the rough around the tee box. Period. There is not an exception.
  8. It must be nice for you, never having to worry about it. I hope during your studies there is a subsection about situational awareness. A polite message indicating that when you can't see the tee box through those thick goggles of yours, they can't see you either.
  9. Imagine mistaking an in-person conversation for aggression. This is the world at the forward tees, I guess.
  10. Easiest solution is to simply not touch someone else's golf ball if they have accidently hit it near you. It is a difficult concept for some of these people that get through life using passive aggression as their primary means of communication.
  11. 6. There is at least 1 member like @ChipStrokesthat spends 15 minutes fishing water-logged golf balls out of the hazard, only to get upset when the group behind rolls a ball within 30 yards of his ball retriever.
  12. There is no drink cart. Out here having to explain stake to stake to a bunch of lemmings that can't even be bothered to use Google. This is the worst and you guys are the worst to ever do it. Posting for the 3rd time just to say DB? Is this grade school? The absolute worst of the worst. Next time I'll try a FB car group.
  13. Imagine sitting in a blind spot for nearly an entire tee time spacing, after already playing your 2nd shots in clear view, then acting surprised when a drive rolls near you, on a course where you're a member. I realize you likely have zero awareness on the golf course and go looking for your ball for 10 minutes in blind spots. It will not end well. But hey, good luck educating the players behind you with polite messages.
  14. Can't post a solo round for handicapping purposes. I always try to pair so I can at least post but depends on time of day. My club allows anyone to join your time which is a good policy. Our season is only 6 months so no time for an inefficient tee sheet.
  15. I don't know why this particular point is so difficult for this forum to understand. The course is stake to stake. You do not drive in the rough at your leisure, especially around tee boxes and greens. It's not the only course in the area with this policy.
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