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  1. I've never purposely tried to lay up on a par 3 but will pull clubs I need to catch 100% to even make the front. Often results in a 80% to 90% strike that comes up a bit short, away from trouble. I never understood why people played safe in these types of situations until my hdcp hit a brick wall.
  2. I let singles play up on a hole and play through. Only time I see them on my course is late afternoon/evening and they are usually trying to rip 18 in less than 2 hours.
  3. I thought we just had this thread? I hit an impact bag in the winter.
  4. Who's swing were they emulating for the test? You've got to be kidding me with the roll out data on an 8 iron. Most of us will stop a Top-Flite in that distance.
  5. Pack it in boys. See you next year.
  6. On narrow driving holes I will slow to 75-80% and 3/4 the back swing. Letting off just helps me avoid the odd pull when I get quick in transition.
  7. I will nearly always try to advance the ball if the option exists. Thick rough is a pull 99% of the time. Aim right, full throttle.
  8. Country Hills - Talons course is quite nice. I definitely wouldn't consider it garbage. They did let their greens get a bit unhealthy after trying to run them fast. Definitely a more refined course than Mickelson IMO. Played the track last year and there were tarps showing in multiple bunkers. Greenside waste bunkers with fist sized rocks.
  9. DEWALT golf line coming to a Home Depot near you. Would love to see the expressions after pulling one out and missing my line by 2 ft.
  10. I take a minimum of one and exaggerate whatever club path I'm planning for the shot. I'll take a few more it it's been a long wait between shots or I don't feel good about the first practice swing.
  11. I've actually heard the opposite about club fittings. The pro that did my last fitting said it tends to help higher handicappers more.
  12. No amount of tee time spacing can save some of these people. There is a percentage of weekend warriors that will simply never get it. You can identify them by common traits. -Never ready when it is their shot. Often not even a club in hand. -Never watching the line on their ball as it goes into trouble for the nth time. -Searching a 75 yard area for 5 mins every lost ball. Sometimes multiple times a hole. -Next to play helping their buddy search for 5 mins instead of hitting their shot. -Entire group following each other around to every shot like a pack of lemmings. -Sitting around counting up the damage and telling stories instead of clearing away from the green. -Driving 2 fairways over to top up, every time the beer cart is in sight. ~10 min stop at the turn guaranteed.
  13. If you're complaining about the price of premium balls, it's because you are losing too many of them. Spend some money on lessons because you've got much larger problems. For Pro V's, wait for the 4 dozen for 3 deal. My course also does an odd Titleist deal near the end of July. 5 free balls for every dozen, 1 day sale. I mark it in my calendar and fill the locker that day.
  14. Boom Boom. Butter smooth swing, lots of distance, and a likeable personality.
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