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  1. Thoughts on who you all think has the best leather scorecard/yardage book covers? I'm due for a new one, the one from my college days has finally decided to crumble on me
  2. Thanks for the feedback here guys..I need to find a place that has the TX to try, but it seems that just the standard X is easier to come across. @SAM_PGA I couldn't agree more, it's a never ending cycle lol
  3. For those who have hit both shafts, how would you say they compare? Currently have the TI X100, and to my knowledge these produce a lower ball flight. Feedback would be appreciated!
  4. Clean looking blades for sure...I think they’re some of the best looking ever produced IMO. Glws!
  5. For those who have experience with both shafts, how would you say they compare to each other? Currently using an AD TP 6x, and have been interested in giving the ZF a try.
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