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  1. Up for sale tonight is a Ventus HB 9x, it plays 39.5” in a G425 22* (4h). It has a Mizuno m-31 grip on, just threw on something I had laying around. I bought it on here a few months ago and it just hasn’t made its way in the bag. Asking $200 OBRO. No trades pin 4/19
  2. I see all the fitters are not considered Big Box stores. Why is there no fitters from PGA Superstore or Dick’s/Golf Galaxy
  3. 1. Pittsburgh PA 2. 9.7 3. Tensei Orange 65s 4. UST recoil 95 5. MB+ 65s 6. yes 7. yes
  4. I have a Skytrak and just using a net return and TV for now for viewing. Did you build your screen yourself?
  5. Mines the whole mat that is sliding, that’s nice set you have. Any other pictures of the whole thing. What sim are you using @Celeras
  6. I was wondering if anyone could help with two things. When playing WGT on iPad how do I quit a game if I want to. All I see is restart round? I have true strike mat on some foam exercise flooring, but my friend and I realized that it moves quite a bit, any suggestions on to get to stay in place. Is there a different mat I should look at.
  7. I have for sale a Pro Putt system green, I bought the green in 2015, unfortunately for many reasons it never got put together until COVID hit in March 2019. Since then it has been used sparingly. The Pro Choice green measures 8’x20’. I’m asking $2,500, because of the size of the green local pickup is best option, I’m located in Pittsburgh PA. I’m willing to work out shipping with buyer. I’m also willing to deliver green personal depending on weather and travel time to destination. pin 1/31
  8. Thanks for the info. So I played my first round of Sim golf and my iPad got below 10% battery life on hole 17. At the same time the e6 connection could not locate my skytrak and the skytrak app as well would not connect. Is this something anyone else has run into.
  9. So I was just looking at packages, am I seeing this right if I want to be able to have friends over to play with TGC2019 that I will then need a gaming PC? I thought I could play by running it on the iPad or TV. WGT is for one player only.
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