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  1. Don't have one hand at the moment but the midsize is considerably bigger than the standard, similar size to scotty midsize. One thing I did want you to know from my experience with them is that the the Midsize has more rounded edges than the standard which has crisp well defined edges. I prefer the feel of standard myself with 2 extra rows of tape.
  2. Very good set of irons and the stock shafts are very nice for a lighter graphite shaft. I played that exact set for about 3 years and was very happy with them. For excellent condition set seems like a decent price.
  3. I remember a buddy of mine playing those shafts a long time ago in his Titleist irons. My recollection is that they felt like rebar, just absolutely awful in my opinion, but my swing speed has always hovered around 100 for the last 20 years so maybe I didn't have enough power to properly load. Best of luck to you, but given the vast collection of modern quality graphite iron shafts available today, I personally would not waste the effort.
  4. Yes Callaway irons are measured differently than some OEMs. The 38 5 iron length is actually 37 3/4 by traditional measurement. If you stand a Callaway 5 iron in store on its butt next to a Titleist 5 iron you will notice the 1/4 inch difference. I always order my Callaway irons 1/4 inch long, also gives me a smidge more swing weight.
  5. 4 wedges, 4 different grinds and bounce amounts, situation, not just yardage, dictates which wedge is used.
  6. looks like Phil should have kept the Original One in the bag, man did he hit the 300 like crap on Saturday, actually hit his driver a lot straighter, of course he was hitting his irons all over the map as well. Kind of surprised he would switch to the 300 when he basically won the PGA with the Original.
  7. The Iomics have a unique character that is non abrasive to the hands but still very secure and low torque (not squishy). Pure Pros have a very large butt end that taper dramatically. If the this shape works for you, they are decent grips, I could not stand them myself. If you want to try a Pure grip they do make a new one that is 1/2 dtx and half pro that does not have the dramatic taper (kind of like the tour velvet plus 4). The best bet is to try one of each on your clubs to see which works best for you. Blow them on/off with air.
  8. Apex combo 16s are the best of the lot in my opinion and still in my bag. Seamless transition both visually and performance wise. I love the new Apex Pro 21s and if Callaway had made the regular apex the same hollow body design and look of the pros, I would probably be updating. Now not so much, they would be a mixed set vs a combo set which i don't care for visually. I will wait and upgrade in the next version which I hope will be more seamless.
  9. Shot my best round of the year yesterday (1 under par, I hover between 8-12 handicap), with a 3 wood, 5 iron, 8 iron, Pitching wedge, sand wedge. 5 clubs total no putter, our greens had been recently sanded and not worthy of my gorgeous Toulon. Went out to work on playing shots and just had a blast. Made most of my short and mid range putts with my sand wedge and two bomb putts with my 3 wood. Fairways and greens all day. I have shot in the low 60s 20 years ago but honestly had more fun w this round. Take the time to learn the many shots each of your clubs can perform and you will be rewar
  10. Given that a modern iron set's gap wedge is basically the same loft as the Pitching wedge I grew up with, I would not even consider a set of irons that does not have an accompanying gap wedge.
  11. The Darts have much better feel to me and will be similar to the feel in your irons with the 760s. I play my Cally 54 and 58 same length as my Apex pro gap wedge with 760 to get swing weight up a bit and the feel is sublime around the greens and feels similar to my gap wedge. Short game is strongest part of my game and this setup has worked very well for me.
  12. The darts are the best lower weight Recoil shafts I have hit, and I have hit them all. 75 gram regular would b a nice fit with your current recoil 760s, darker finish of the Darts wood look great with black or rust wedge heads and less glare. You can order taper through Golfworks.
  13. I switched to compressor tape about ten years ago. Much simpler and cleaner process, no use or need for hazardous chemicals, and once you have removed the crappy tape and solvent garbage the OEMs still use, you can change your entire set of grips the next time in about 20 minutes because you do not need to cut the old grip off and then strip off the old tape, you just leave the masking/painters tape on that you used the first time. Really a no brainer at this point, I have never had any issues with grips moving, the only ones I am aware of that you still need to do the solvent approach are
  14. I have been rotating a pair of g4+ in over the winter with my Eccos and have been for the most part very happy with them. Definitely need to order a half size up. Even ordering up, the toe box took me a while to get stretched to a comfortable space, but was easy enough to do with shoe stretcher and wearing around the house in wool socks. Very comfortable shoe for walking with good support and excellent waterproofing. Will be interested to see how these breathe in the summer months, I have a feeling they might get a bit warm, but the waterproofing is great. I did not think the smallish spi
  15. For me, this shaft plays very similar to the recoil 450 wood shafts that Callaway used in the Fusion line of clubs a couple of years ago. It is higher torque and tip plays soft to flex. Given the shafts in your signature, I would think this shaft would be WAY to soft for you.
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