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  1. Agree100%, no one seems to take pride in what they make or sell anymore, we shop at a store that was always in top condition, shelves full, prices correct, staff friendly. Two months ago they had a new manager, now you are lucky if the store has anything at all and no one seems to care. Suffice to say we have had our say and are looking to move on. We gave up on mobiles and have now purchased a decent mobile but do not use any set plans. We purchase phone time on an adhoc basis, when we are running out they mail us to let us know then we can purchase any amount over $10, there is a time limit for usage of nine months but if you continue to use them any cash left over is added to the new purchase, works well and is cheap.
  2. Nah two of us. Looked at them and there is no way with the way I sleep could I use one.
  3. No, my problems are muscular, I have a condition where the immune system attacks my body, have been on a reducing steroid plan, almost finished, another three weeks, then if it comes back start again, it has stopped me playing golf as there is considerable pain when it is at its max. Hoping it is gone, will know shortly.
  4. Its funny reading that a kangaroo is an exotic, the picture is of a regular visitor in the field next door to our garden. This fellow is around 6 ft tall and has very large muscles, you never want to upset him. Sometimes he brings his harem with him then really watch out.
  5. Good morning gents, it gets a little mad around here so posting has to take second place. Would I read the books you bet ya I would, also would love to hear a full account of all the snippets that Stu sends out, don't know if I would finish it as I would be laughing too much, always found Stus tales interesting and funny. As we are in a quiet area we installed a full set of security cameras around the property shortly after moving in. Been useful on a number of occasions, once when our neighbour was robbed we found footage of the car turning into his driveway, it was enough for the police to identify and arrest them. My two main dislikes, people who do not tell the truth and anyone that touches my stuff. Warm weather on Dec 1, it would be brilliant, that is the first day of our summer, but this year the weather has not played the game, been very cold so far, only one or two days in the 90s, usually its almost every day by now. Hopefully it will improve but the forecast for the rest of summer is not looking good, wet again and cold tomorrow which will be our shopping day. Bed time, getting late, be good grillers and enjoy yourselves.
  6. Its fun meeting people you have been talking to on line, I had the opportunity to play with several members of a golf blog, getting to know the real them and not the online them was entertaining. Had some good golf and made some good friends.
  7. Had the.message a few times but it usually lets me post the like when I try it a second time. Correct it only takes a small amount of code to fix these things but I can remember well the disastrous attempt they made with the last update. It also makes me wonder where the brains are in some of these organisations. Thank you for the reminder, they spoilt lots of fun with that, it was enjoyable whist it lasted. One golf site I was using had an edit and delete function, but you could only use it for 30mins after that hard luck. Love a delete function because like yourself the brain is not always in gear when posting the original message.
  8. Incorrect, it was first considered somewhere in the 1870s
  9. As far as I know the daylight saving was introduced during the second world war in the UK, cant remember the reason but I will have to do some research. Makes no sense to me as there are still 24 hrs in every day.
  10. Why would you change the time permanently, in fact why bother with summer time, Queensland do not have it, we stay on the CORRECT time year round. Nothing worse than being on night shift when the times change, had it several times myself, happy when they got rid if it. The argument though is if only some do it interstate commerce suffers, we tell them go suck it, phone or turn up an hour later, who cares, not us. As you say though its nothing to do with the government, in Australia its up to the individual state governments to make the decision, don't know if they would be allowed to change from standard time on a permanent basis.
  11. There is no such thing as a balmy 49, its a flipping cold 49.
  12. Look brand new as if they have never been used, are you sure you still play
  13. We have an arch outside our front lounge window and it is covered with jasmine. Sitting here this morning watching a dove build a nest on top of it. Always find it fascinating the way they can do this very complicated job from instinct, if only us humans were as clever the world would be a much better place. Thank my lucky stars though for finding the Grille.
  14. Got it, thats the game where they have a love in for five minutes then 10 seconds of running with a ball, then another love in. Never seen the point. But as you quite correctly point out, whatever floats your boat. Almost as bad though as our AFL where they run round in very tight shorts.
  15. What sport are we discussing here??? You are talking a foreign language
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