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  1. One place we lived had a wide river running through, so if you wanted to visit someone the other side it was around an hours journey. The local government decided a bridge was the way to go and that would be finished within two years. We are now 30 years later and they are still having the one hour trip. The conversations are only at election time, then if it does not happen, not their fault.
  2. I think you may have acquired the dog because of the familial resemblance.
  3. No idea what this says about Australia but we can purchase this at a local large booze outlet. DW likes the sound of it, we will try it when mangoes are back in summer.
  4. sorry to hear about your back, I see what back pain does to my wife, its not good. Hopefully you can be fixed.
  5. Have to check DWs spice cupboards, if they sell it we will have one, or ten. Never does things by halves.
  6. We have several fruit trees and what we do not use we give away, canning seems too difficult for me. The only fruit we do not give away are mangoes and we can eat those until we are completely stuffed. A good portion of the garden is designated to native trees and shrubs.
  7. I know exactly where you are with this, getting older sucks because you look at jobs you could have completed easily and get annoyed at your inability to do them now. Our garden is large around an acre, and it had grown many and varied weeds all round the edges. i would normally use weed killer but unseasonal rain has made that impossible, the other option bending and pulling them out is not on. Waiting for my second childhood to emerge then I will be at it.
  8. Just said 200, did not specify, could have been inches, if that is correct would have been an awesome drive.
  9. Thank you all for the good wishes, time now to imbibe a little more liquid courage.
  10. Had a really good day thank you. Liqueur intake is regulated with an iron fist and a large whip.
  11. Get to it then, celebrate with me. Mine was a headache from too much vino.
  12. Thank you both, and I hope to have many more.
  13. Birthday today, plenty of food, too much for an old bugger. Presents sloped towards our main recreation, art, plenty of good brushes, paints and three nice bottles of liqueur. Possibly pass out later from too much sampling. Oh sorry. 79.
  14. Thank you lefty, Been going around 18 months, the normal period is two to five years for it to disappear.
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