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  1. Problem is, posting a picture of such a handsome face puts the rest of us to shame, hence no further posts
  2. Our club, name on a wall plaque, in the corridor on the way to the rest room.
  3. Our weather is out of kilter this year, winter rain and plenty of it, normally dry and the temperature has dropped down further than I can remember in all the time we have been in Australia.
  4. The course I used to play had the majority of holes tree lined, those not tree lined had plenty of water.
  5. On a mountain course———-1st tee————-nine iron———- 20yds off tee————- 300yd drop to ground——— 320 yd drive with a nine iron YAY Conrad
  6. Latest painting, a little work still to do on the main tree and the background but the honey eater is finished. Enjoyed this one and it went much more quickly than I anticipated.
  7. Could also be present company accepted.
  8. The pilots on these are awesome, not any room for a mistake.
  9. At our last house the traffic was horrendous, over 40,000 vehicles a day, they built a bypass that was supposed to take most of the traffic away but no one used it. We had fire engines, police cars, ambulances running past all hours with their sirens on full belt. DW woke one morning and said we are moving Two months later we were out to our present happy quiet abode. Best of luck Stu, hope it goes well.
  10. Over the past three days there has been a very large spike caused by two events. 1 . A furniture remover travelled into area he should not have been, did several jobs and then when tested positive lied about where he had been, as a result hundreds now positive. One place he went was a high rise unit block, this is now closed down completely with no one allowed in or out for any reason as several residents are now positive. 2. A family tested positive and were allowed to quarantine from home, they did not stay in and went shopping to many stores and infected several hundre
  11. Same as in several areas near us, they are cramming houses in so close you can lean out of the window and touch next door. The council is greedy, they need more rates coming in to give themselves a pay rise. Its all about the money honey.
  12. There are strict requirements for moving around. The really bad areas are banned from going anywhere else in Australia but some are telling fibs and travelling around, the fine when caught is $4000 per person. Some who have told fibs were tracked by CCTV, so they have very little chance of getting away with it. To travel a declaration in writing has to be made that you have not been in the affected areas, all borders have police patrolls.
  13. Not in Queensland but New South Wales has had a massive spike that is getting worse, mainly because people do not adhere to the rules. Parts of NSW are in strict lockdown.
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