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  1. Christmas is almost with us, new tree this year, retired the old one after 29 years of faithful service, still in excellent condition in our shed, looking for a suitable recipient that cannot afford one. We try to help this time of the year as we as a family are so blessed. No decoration or presents, they are the rest of the days jobs.
  2. Its not a surprise that the Grille is empty today, hopefully its because you are all out enjoying Thanksgiving. Have a safe and sober time with family and friends, make the most of these enjoyable times as and when you can. No doubt you will all be back soon with many tales to tell
  3. That sums us up as well, each to their own.
  4. My first job after we arrived in Australia was a family owned and run engineering company in Brisbane. They were tea total and deeply religious, they did not use profanities. After I had worked there a few weeks we were invited to their home, tea or coffee with snacks and then they asked if we would like to watch a movie, the choice was one of many hard porn movies, they had a very large selection,we declined. Went to their home on other occasions but was never offered the movie experience again much to our relief. They were fantastic to work for, carried over their religious incli
  5. Thanksgiving is an American thing, some over here use it as an excuse to party but it is not a recognised holiday.
  6. I know some individuals that would never look good naked, and as with your neighbours one peep is enough to blind you.
  7. Welcome fellow tadpole. not a tadpole but close enough
  8. Who said we don’t, we all need a good.
  9. Now to be totally fair, the other thing the Japanese motor industry did was give excellent quality products. The plant I was working at was having a problem with vehicle quality, so what they did was randomly take a vehicle from the finished ready for shipping out section, and purchase a new similar Japanese model from a local showroom. They had the quality department go over both vehicles and list any manufacturing faults they could find, that is any that should have been discovered during production. The British vehicle had literally dozens of small problems and some more worrying, the Japa
  10. At present my daily step count would not start the watch.
  11. We also tend to buy the lesser expensive options as now they deliberately build them to fail. I worked in the car industry for many years and built in obsolescence was the norm, this was way back in the 60s. This all came about when the Japanese car industry started to impact in the UK, then the cars were built to last forever but the Japanese did a test on every item to deliberately make it as small, thin, or fragile as possible. so that it would work initially without failing in the warranty period. Look at how many products you can purchase now that fail just after the warranty is up, this
  12. Very happy to hear I am not the only disillusioned Griller, unfortunately as with you I find I have severely lost the plot. I no longer have any patience with those that complain but lack the ability or the will to get in and help. too many seem to think their only option is to criticise those that do all the work. We volunteered in an age care home for a long time and gave it up because of the attitude towards us. We used to spend almost all our spare time every day helping out, I ran the fundraising for the residents hobbies but always was given a hard time for no reason. One Christmas we sp
  13. We have several different charities running clothes shops, they are always washed and ironed before being sold. Some of the clothes it would be difficult to pick from new as they are fussy what they take. Anything not in good condition is cut up for polishing rags.
  14. No matter how new the shoes, shorts or shirts are, you cannot hit a ball with them
  15. That may have been my good self. Reading in the Grille over the years the Ho brigade is obvious.
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