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  1. Weight 358 grams Length 35 inches Lie/Loft 70/2 Sorry for leaving it out of the original post.
  2. Selling two things. First is a new still in plastic Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 blackout putter. Sold. Second is a Bettinardi Supersoaker mallet cover. Purchased from here a long time ago, I never used it. Sold No trades please.
  3. Thanks to NorCal putters for putting this torched finish on my irons. They look amazing and the pics don't really do them justice.
  4. I think I saw a post on Facebook that tomorrow is the day the new website will be up. That was a month or so ago, don't know if anything has changed Just looked again. Was suppose to be up on the 15th. Guess it's delayed for a bit
  5. I took the heads off my irons,had them refinished and purchased new shafts. I was going to build them myself, but I don't have any of the equipment I need and it's not really worth buying it all right now. Any suggestions?
  6. So I've decided to remove my project x pxi 6.0 shafts for some Nippon pro modus3 tour120 x flex shafts. Wanted to go heavier etc. And I finally sent the heads off for a new finish. After removing the shafts, noticed Callaway had used tip weights. Already gave the shafts away and didn't have a scale to weigh them anyways. Anyone know how many grams the weights are? I'm assuming I would be negating the desire for a little more weight in my irons my not replacing them before installing the new shafts.
  7. Wow, incredible opportunity. This is a dream trip. Obviously I'm not applying to go as I just had the amazing opportunity to tour the golf ball manufacturing facility and play golf with some of the Callaway crew. One thing is certain, whoever goes is going to have an AMAZING time. The people at Callaway golf could not have been nicer. Great people, great products. Good luck to everyone!
  8. That's even funnier having met you, I can read it as your anger flares. :lol: --kC Just make sure you read it in this guys voice....
  9. Yes, my horrible temper. Better watch out, totally out of control. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  10. I know I was the quiet one the whole time, but I had an amazing two days. Can't thank the people here at GolfWRX and Callaway golf enough. The tour/q&a was great. The amount of work that gets put into making a ball is crazy! I can only imagine the r&d that goes into it too before even reaching the steps we witnessed. The stuff given to all of us is awesome. I thought the practice bag with goodies was it, and that had made my day. But no, that was just the beginning. More importantly though was the people. Both Callaway and GolfWRX people were great. I'm grateful to have met each of you and hope we cross paths again. And the cherry on top was the view at the end of the day....
  11. I'm just north of Boston, easy drive for me. Would love to see the facility and the process. Have been a callaway fan for a long time. Only non Callaway items in my bag at the moment are my 3 wood, putter and the balks I use. Always up for some testing.
  12. For people that wear UA, I've seen a lot of polos for $19.99. Might buy myself some for that cheap. Although I did snag another RLX polo and shorts for $20 each yesterday.
  13. Shane on buyers looking for the best deal and shame on sellers that look to make a little money. How do you live with yourselves?
  14. I've been hoarding Saxx for a few months now, both everyday and athletic line. The performance ones have been great on the course. I stumble on them here and there at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for $3.50-$7.00.
  15. I'll take a look. Last time I was in they only had solid color ones. Would have loved to have a nice team shirt like that in high school
  16. There is a navy RLX stand bag on clearance for $90 near me. It's on the smaller side for bags these days (think ping from 15-20 years ago) but looks nice. I don't need it, so waiting for it to drop below $70 and I'll probably grab it.
  17. Nice queen bee! Don't think I've seen one at a store around here.
  18. I just picked up a heel shafted 3.0 counterbalance. First round with it is Sunday. The time logged with it so far has been great. I too was comparing it to the X5. As someone mentioned, the ball seemed to come off really hot. Feel is personal, but to me the 3.0 feels way better. I'm not sure there is a better soft but not too soft face out there.
  19. I picked up another RLX shirt for $25 today. Can't get enough. Also noticed they had a ton of UA shirts for $20 in all sizes.
  20. Picked up an INOVAI 3.0 counterbalance today. I really thought I was going to grab a BB1f, but this thing feels great. This putter is a 180 from what I'm use to, but after an hour of putting with it, I had to get it. Now about the putter cover and paintfill. Red is not my thing
  21. I went there this morning but didn't buy anything. There were 2 Bettis left, one left handed, the other a right hand Kuchar model. Like 5 scottys, counterbalanced golo 5's, I believe a 7. X5 or two if I remember. A lot of Odyssey putters, even a new PING. A lot of the stuff looked like it needs to be regripped. Still in plastic wedges and drivers. A lot of XR and BB Alpha drivers. Some king cobra, M2, Titleist and PING mixed in. I didn't look at all the woods, but most seemed to have Reg shafts. Majority of clubs will need a regrip, as they are pretty filthy, thinking water damage. While disappointing to not purchase something, the drive back back down 1A to the North Shore of MA is always a pleasure.
  22. If I didn't just spend serious money on something today, I would go buy a couple or 5 trash barrels of golf clubs. Sort it out later lol
  23. What kind of putter deals are we talking about? It would be about a 170 mile drive round trip for me.
  24. Sure sounds like these a**h***s already made up their mind. My few bucks don't mean jack to the USGA but this is just another reason to justify not being a member.
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