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  1. I'm probably in the 115-118 SS range. My ball flight typically has been too high with any driver I've tried with little rollout, so I started with a TSI3 Tensei Raw White 75x (a stock offering) at 8 degree, but actually found that a tad low so tweaked up the loft a notch. Currently at 8.75 with the Ventus Black 7x (didn't need to adjust the loft between the 2 shafts). Good luck!
  2. I tried to play that low-spin launch monitor ball with clubs like the M1 440 but could never keep the thing under control. I've always been high spin high launch player and the biggest difference for me was shaft weight. Went up from the 60's to the 70g's with the Tensei Raw White 75x and now the Ventus Black 7x and while I know the spin is just a touch high, I still get a nice penetrating flight with enough spin to provide that stability in the ball flight. I've never been happier with a driver since the days of the Cally FT-3 and Cleveland Launcher Comp with a Grafal
  3. for injuries I would definitely take drugs, but for chronic day to day issues, I’d rather find another way... the anti-inflammatory diet thing the OP mentioned, rest, working out, compression, massage/theragun, but to me the NSAIDs and Tylenol route just mask the pain, and a person keeps doing the same activities that injured them in the first place. I was recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum a few years back and was dealing with severe pain. Ended up with a cortisone shot and damn if I didn’t feel 100% a few days later. Luckily the doc warned me it’s just a cover, and
  4. If I'm being perfectly honest with myself, I don't see any specific discernable on-course performance difference between the Ventus Black 7x and the Tensei Raw White 75x (in a TSi3). Distance and dispersion are all within the margin of error for my swing. But, the feel of the Velocore is significantly smoother, which depending on preference can be a good or a bad thing. So while I don't think it's a panacea, it's still a pretty damn good shaft!
  5. I'm no doc, but inflammation in some cases is the body's response to injury and in that regard a good thing that accelerates healing, so when possible I try to let it run it's course. Assuming it's not some autoimmune issue, I'd try to stay off of the NSAIDs and Tylenol for pain management. I work in pharma and trust me you don't want to take half the stuff that gets pumped out by the industry.
  6. We're not here to tell you things you want to hear. We're here to tell you your current driver is obsolete, needs to be replaced ASAP and probably won't even make it another round without the crown cracking. Best to get it upgraded.
  7. you've spent time at various points over 8 hours on this topic to make 10 posts telling some random guy what to do. to what end, to win some internet argument or have him say you are right? congrats, you've worn me down after 1 post, i guess i'll take the L here, great job, keyboard guy.
  8. It's not everyone's goal in life to have a perfect swing, sometimes people just like hitting new stuff or clubs that will help compensate for their inherent swing characteristics. it's just a hobby, people have different ways of getting enjoyment out it, so no need to try and impose what you think is right on someone else.
  9. Hey man, I was in pretty much the exact same situation as you. 115-120 mph with the driver, ST190 with an Atmos Black 6x, my miss is low on the face. For me, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to not hit a 20 yards hook with the thing. Threw in the towel despite my Mizuno-love. I went TSI3 with a Tensei Raw White 75x and almost immediately flight flattened out, strong bias right and had to work to get it to draw. Just got my first round in with a Ventus Black 7x and got similar results. I couldn't be happier. At your speed, without knowing what your miss
  10. I agree, he seems like a decent, thoughtful dude who has kept a good attitude while his game has tanked. I wouldn't mind seeing him get back in the winner's circle but don't really see it happening today
  11. Hey All, thanks for the questions about this. I did end up getting a couple of queries through PM and ended up giving $700 to the person who made the request below, which seemed like a pretty worthy cause. The person gave me his contact info and I was able to confirm his identity and contacted him through his school's website (and his school assigned email), so I feel good it ended up in the right hands. I'll let that person talk about what he ended up doing with the $. But I'm very glad that I did this and hopefully can turn this into a tradition. Covid or no-Covid, there are always goin
  12. Golf is a great sport, but a terrible business model. No need for me to allocate $s to golf investments just because I love the game.
  13. oh yeah... mine shipped from Oceanside last Tuesday, figured no problem it will be here (in the Bay Area) by the weekend. It's been sitting in a warehouse in Tracy with no status updates since last Thursday... SMH
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