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  1. In true WRX fashion, I got antsy waiting for a custom TSI3 to ship from Titleist, and ended up ordering another one, which also was a custom order which sort of defeated the purpose of getting a club in hand earlier. Now I've got a 9 degree coming on Monday and an 8 degree shipping in 2 weeks. Bottom line, I'm going to compare the 2 shafts in the 8 degree head and sell the 9 degree when it arrives, hopefully for around $500. After thinking about how ridiculous this all is, I sat back and thought about how fortunate I am (my kids are happy and healthy, i have a decent job, don't n
  2. I took the 9015D (9.5 deg, Miyazaki Kusala Black 72x) to go head to head against a TSI3 at the PGASS (8 degree, stock Tensei White 65x). Alternating back and forth the TSI3 had about 4-6 MPH more ball speed than the 9015, and lower spin by ~400-500 MPH, I'm assuming in part due to the lower loft. Overall carry distance was 10-15 Yds more than the 9015. But man, I've had some good times with the 9015D, including 3 rounds this month, and realized I will never get rid of this club.
  3. Thanks @leftymatt. I'm hoping TSI3 hits the mark here, but good to know I'm in the ballpark. I'll give the TSI3 a fair shake, and perhaps if it doesn't work out, TSI4 will be out by then!
  4. Resurrecting an old topic, but after some unbelievable frustration of inability of keeping my Mizuno ST190 from hooking off the planet, I ordered a TSI3. While waiting for it to be delivered, I dug out the old trusty 9015D with a Miyazaki Kusala 7x. Immediately, things straightened out and I hit 12/14 fairways in my most recent round (compared to previously struggling with getting to 50%). All with no loss of distance. Given the new tech, is there anything similar to the 9015D in recent years (deep face, sits open, low spin, nearly impossible to snap hook). If the TSI3 doesn't
  5. same. i ordered on Oct 15 and it was supposed to ship today but still no word.
  6. Mine was a custom order (GD Shaft) ordered on 10/15 and same thing, was told would ship next week. It's fairly annoying to not receive it by the general availability date, but I suppose they didn't guarantee that so it is what it is.
  7. Mine were ordered on Sep 4, arrived yesterday Oct 2. I sold my combo 919 Tour/Forged (and went to the old backup 60s) because I should have gone all 919 Tours, but love the look of these 921s. I love the look (save for the shiny strip in the middle), but the size, shape and sole width fit my eye perfectly. Can't wait to get these in play!
  8. Just to add another data point, my custom 921 Tour Order placed on 9/4 (through DD) shipped yesterday from DD Oregon on 9/30, should arrive tomorrow!
  9. that is such a good rotation of courses, love Gold Mountain
  10. how could there be so much of a gap between your driver swing on SSR vs on trackman? I've found driver swing (and red stick) correlate pretty well with on course swing speeds, perhaps they are a few mph ahead, but not 15-20 mph.
  11. I got some elbow tendinitis (in both elbows) so have taken a month off. Did it in the early morning without a proper warmup. Lesson learned.
  12. Poplar Creek.... as in several other walks of life sometimes you just need a SlumpBuster!
  13. Is the 7x a stock offering?!? thought they only went 6x but only the 7s. This changes everything!
  14. Both on the Mizzy website and TGW only the 6s, 6x, and 7s are available, same as last year (unfortunately). I didn't see the Ventus available as an upcharge shaft anywhere, only the Hzrdus Smoke (+$100). Any other intel on available upcharge shafts?
  15. I had surgery for a torn labrum when I was 26. It really stabilized the area after multiple shoulder dislocations. I took probably 9 months off to rehab and get things right. I'm 44 now and very happy I did the surgery. Ultimately, losing a year of golf or whatever to enable you for better health and golf for decades to me is a very worthwhile investment.
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