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  1. spot on, this is exactly the way I feel as well. felt like you had to manipulate your grip at set up to align the face properly at address and at impact TSi3... classic shape and I’ve never been happier with a driver
  2. @Skiff Got it, thanks. The price for those courses, even when I was playing them back in the late 2000's was ridiculous, given the complete lack of nearby options if you were based in downtown Seattle (as I was back then), it was just the price of scarcity. It was either pay $100+ for an above average option 20 minutes away, or driving and extra 20-30 minutes to get to Redmond or down to somewhere like Washington National. But sounds like the quality has gone down since then, while prices remain high, which makes it even less of a value.
  3. Why all the hate for Newcastle? Granted, I haven't played it in 10 years and yes, it was overpriced, but taking those things away I thought both courses were both pretty strong.
  4. Good for him. He accepted the rules were in place and understood there could be consequences. No outrage, no hypocrisy and no expectation of special treatment. Also stuck to the script and stayed neutral on the vaccination topic (whether or not he thinks everyone needs to be). Gained a ton of respect for him.
  5. Doesn't seem like anything to get too worked up about. I might snicker at an out-of-place white belt, or the guy wearing full rickie fowler orange, but at the same time probably get snickered at by some for wearing a t-shirt for a round at the local muni. as long as you're abiding by the course rules, have at it!
  6. of course only you can figure out if that combo works for your swing regardless if anyone says that it's a great combo and works for them. Maybe you can get a demo from a place like shaft shack. at least you can get some experience with the combo by dropping only $20 instead of a $300+ experiment (and/or going through the hassle of selling it if you buy it and it doesn't work for you).
  7. This is the main issue I have with the course. The layout is phenomenal, but it has been this way ever since the course opened. Slow greens and minimal roll all throughout the course. Doesn't play like a links at all, balls settling on downslopes, etc. I was hoping after 10 years the course would have firmed up and matured.
  8. Agree. Theraband has a very specific exercise for golfers elbow that helps tremendously. And mats severely aggravate it. CBD didn't really help me compared to something like SalonPas but the combo of these things got me back in action.
  9. i'm pretty sure that ain't the lake course!
  10. My group and I just got back a few weeks ago. Played La Quinta and Firecliff, and played Escena last time I was down there. Firecliff to me is by far the best course - variety, layout, challenge, conditions, etc La Quinta the conditioning was not that great Escena is a 1 and done for me I've had the most fun at Firecliff, the PGA West Courses where the Stadium Course is, and Silverock.
  11. I'm probably in the 115-118 SS range. My ball flight typically has been too high with any driver I've tried with little rollout, so I started with a TSI3 Tensei Raw White 75x (a stock offering) at 8 degree, but actually found that a tad low so tweaked up the loft a notch. Currently at 8.75 with the Ventus Black 7x (didn't need to adjust the loft between the 2 shafts). Good luck!
  12. I tried to play that low-spin launch monitor ball with clubs like the M1 440 but could never keep the thing under control. I've always been high spin high launch player and the biggest difference for me was shaft weight. Went up from the 60's to the 70g's with the Tensei Raw White 75x and now the Ventus Black 7x and while I know the spin is just a touch high, I still get a nice penetrating flight with enough spin to provide that stability in the ball flight. I've never been happier with a driver since the days of the Cally FT-3 and Cleveland Launcher Comp with a Grafal
  13. for injuries I would definitely take drugs, but for chronic day to day issues, I’d rather find another way... the anti-inflammatory diet thing the OP mentioned, rest, working out, compression, massage/theragun, but to me the NSAIDs and Tylenol route just mask the pain, and a person keeps doing the same activities that injured them in the first place. I was recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum a few years back and was dealing with severe pain. Ended up with a cortisone shot and damn if I didn’t feel 100% a few days later. Luckily the doc warned me it’s just a cover, and
  14. If I'm being perfectly honest with myself, I don't see any specific discernable on-course performance difference between the Ventus Black 7x and the Tensei Raw White 75x (in a TSi3). Distance and dispersion are all within the margin of error for my swing. But, the feel of the Velocore is significantly smoother, which depending on preference can be a good or a bad thing. So while I don't think it's a panacea, it's still a pretty damn good shaft!
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