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  1. How would Phil winning the PGA Championship at 50+ years of age affect his legacy? Sports writers have Phil in the top 15-20 all time greats, does he move up? Just for argument sake does Phil winning the career grand slam elevate him into the top 10? A lot of what ifs in this post but Im just curious
  2. I attempted to qualify at the Preserve in Carmel, CA. I failed to shoot a qualifying score (-2 70). Great experience.
  3. Why do people like this guy so much? I don't get it... He whines more than a baby and has more ticks than a deer.
  4. Spieth is a phony, his whole "Hello Mr. Palmer im Jordan, Jordan Spieth" bit is a fraud. Hes going to fold tomorrow, id love to see Xander shoot lights out
  5. A few years ago I went and saw Joe Kwok at his studio in SF, i was there to get fitted for some new iron shafts to stuff into my 690.mb's. Joe informed me it wasn't a good idea as the heads were likely rusted to some extent. I proceeded try out various irons, PXG, Fourteen, Miura, Epon, Titleist, Mizuno eyc etc. I was actually not that impressed with the Miuras as far as feel was concerned. I tried the Baby Blades and a few others. For me it was between the Fourteen blades and Epon AF-Tours. I hit a few more and decided on the AF-Tours apparently the sole is double copper? They fe
  6. Ya i dont need to see it. He isnt the only one to nail every girl he could but only one other in our history has ever touched his level of play.
  7. What is there to like? He seems SO unlikeable, very phony and self absorbed. Rant over
  8. Bit your tongue... Tiger has time (holes) this course is growing some teeth which favors tiger
  9. Ive only been to one event in my life, 2009 Presidents Cup on Friday. Tiger was walking ahead of Stevie in the fairway my buddy and I were calling Tigers name and there was no one around us within 30-40 yards, he didnt acknowledge us at all. Now in the same place just a few minutes later came Phil, we tried the same thing and without hesitation looked right at us pointed and said "Hey guys" we thought that was so cool.
  10. I hope DeChambeau implodes and Wolff shoots lights out tomorrow...
  11. He hasn't worked with Butch in quite sometime... He's been playing quite poor as of recent. Are we watching the same player?
  12. Hogan returned after being hit by a bus in 1950, he went on to win an amazing 6 major championships. If I may, there may be no greater student of golf history than Tiger Woods, he knows Hogans timeline. Last i checked Tiger's story hasn't been concluded it's still being written. The narrative could change quickly should Tiger have a career season in which he could recapture his old magic and win 2 major championships. That would rival anything we have seen in sports thus far, in way of comebacks. Hogan is still in my top 3...
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