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  1. I hang my towel like that too. First time seeing someone else do it. 718 CBs look good in them.
  2. I had the bag for about 2 months now, and it's great. I mean, if I was looking for a super light weight bag, I wouldn't even consider this. It's never gonna be lighter or even the same weight as the Stadry (It's the same design except for 1 pocket). Is it heavy? Of course not. It's a small bag. If I wanted a super light bag to carry all the time, I would just get Jones. I don't understand why the weight is such a big issue for some. It's a light weight bag for having a leather look. Imagine how heavy your bag would be if it was full leather. Also, if the material was thinner, I wouldn't
  3. Looks like they added mass with that bulge on the spots the tungsten went in on P7TW. Must be a lower cost alternative to P7TW, and back in the price range of P730. Or even cheaper without the milled sole.
  4. eyeeye

    Vokey SM8

    Thinking about ordering 58T right now to replace my SM7 58M. Is the T that great? For you to hold out a year? Just on the fence, since I can grab a new SM7 for half the price right now..
  5. I have a Garmin Approach G8 for sale in a very good condition. Charger is not from Garmin, but exactly the same one from Golf Buddy. Got a slight dent on bottom left corner. $180 shipped.
  6. The bag is indeed very different from the description of what you want. So I don't understand why you looked into this in the first place. At first glance, you could tell it's not what you are looking for.
  7. Haven't tried on pushcart, but the bag is almost the same as StaDry bags. My friend has a StaDry, that always looks twisted 30 degrees on the cart, but never any accident. My member's bag never twisted or moved around much. I guess it's how well you strap in on to the cart. I think it also helps if you got a part of a towel strapped with the bag.
  8. Man, that's a fantastic swing. I'm struggling to get to P6 like yours (my hands are little high). Even played your vid on slow-mo, lol. Better swing than a lot of local pros I've seen.Just curious, what made you think he's gripping the club tight? Are we going to see your swing at all, OP?
  9. Had many inquiries but no takers yet, lowering the price!
  10. I have a 917 D3 8.5 head only for sale. The head is hot melted, and is 201.5g with the regular weight. Including a 8g (4g lighter) weight kit as well. Headcover almost never used. Head is in great shape. Asking $115 $105 shipped.
  11. Head pro at Sleepy Hollow has his name on the ball pocket, and the club logo on the side pocket. I think I saw a photo on FB. This is what the caddy bag looks like with a Titleist logo on the side. This was for the Korean market only I believe. I much prefer the bag without it. Different subject, the canvas collection looks amazing! https://twitter.com/projb/status/1238234449579556864/photo/1I imagine the caddy bag would look really nice in canvas..
  12. There's a great explanation out there regarding center of mass and the timing of the release. Google it and you'll probably find info on it. Basically, with driver, the CoM is father away from the hands compared to say a wedge, thus you need more TIME for it to swing around to be at maximal efficiency at impact. In other words, the farther away the CoM is from your hands, you need more time for it to catch up with hands, meaning you release it early. The closer the CoM is, you would throw it later to catch up with your hands.
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