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  1. Steroids should do the trick. In reality, you might be able to pick up some distance if you start doing speed sessions now. No 50 yards tho, but maybe 10.
  2. I'd buy used. You can get some great MB and CBs for a few hundred bucks.
  3. Looking for new or used, untipped. Thanks!
  4. If you like your hybrid I see no reason to not get the same model 4 or 5 hybrid.
  5. Putting me down for you're own benefit, shamming my iron choice on a public forum. That's ok, par for the internet course I suppose. Et ament meminissee periti certainly applies. I'm no GI snob, as you put it. I played Ping G15 irons for 10 years and I've played everything from them to blades over the last 30 years. Wilson FG-17, Ping Zing, King Cobra II, Mizuno MP63, Mizuno MP68, to name a few. I gamed a cavity back for a time while competing in college as a matter of fact. Those days have passed, and I'll continue on, foolishly duffing around the course with my inferior c
  6. Art has excellent info. I use Brian to book my yearly trips. He does a great job. It's worth spending more on golf. My favorites are: Caledonia, True Blue, Barefoot - Love/Dye/Fazio, Kings North, and The Dunes. Tidewater is also excellent. I'm heading that way in September. We are playing Caledonia, True Blue, Pawleys Plantation, and Heritage. Staying in a True Blue condo. I prefer Murrell's inlet. It's low key.
  7. Watch out y'all we've got a lawyer in the room. I was speaking about irons, again, not drivers. Have fun projecting your insecurities on people who "suck" for playing blades.
  8. I wouldn't be using the T300 gap. I'd have to redo my wedges to match the stronger lofts/hotter face. It's certainly doable, but, as I said, they aren't for me. I'm sure this isn't news to you, but some golfers prefer to not use GI irons. Play what you like and have fun doing it.
  9. I would just swap shafts. There isn't enough difference to me to order a whole new set. Plus, getting custom orders takes forever right now.
  10. Taylormade R7 10.5 R flex No name 7 wood (Her favorite club ahahaha) Ping Zing 7, 9, P, S Cleveland 588 60° Ping Pal Putter Ping Hoofer Random balls found on the course Martini T's lol And the most expensive glove I've seen - G/Fore Cabretta Leather in Blue
  11. This might be a mind blowing concept, but a driver is not an iron.
  12. Those are great attributes. My buddy is quite pleased with them. Watching his 5 iron fall out of the sky is impressive. However, I don't want additional height, nor do I need a PW that travels 150 yards when my gap flies 115. I want my irons to maximize controlled flight, spin, feel, and have minimal offset.
  13. I was recently fitted for new blades. I'm a good ball striker and don't see the benefit of jacked up irons. Even so, the fitter was definitely trying to push me towards a combo set with cb or hollow body irons. I humored him and hit all three in the long irons. Only after seeing that dispersion didn't improve did he let it go. I personally think most would benefit playing a club that tells them when they are and aren't in the sweet spot. It's a learning tool that improves ball striking. Wide soled, polymer filled, hot faced. deep offset irons are bandaids imho. Fine for cau
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