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  1. You'd be better served learning to hit woods off the deck. It's not that hard a skill to become proficient at.
  2. IO was available in the MP20 - that's what I ordered without up charge.
  3. You plate the whole screw. There is no reason for PXG to remove plating from that area post process. The pictures to me look like poor plating adhesion causing areas to be unplated. Further, tungsten shouldn't rust. Nor should titanium. Neither have iron in them. I thought PXG screws were titanium or tungsten?
  4. Those screws should be coated to prevent rust. Maybe he is using chemicals that have eaten through the coating?
  5. https://www.seaoaksgolfresort.com/ Step right up folks. Nice track to be had here.
  6. I'll take a round with that set vs no round at all. And shooting an 80 with that set is certainly a feat! Driver is usually what has me packing my clubs. I can hit most irons, but rental drivers can be very hit or miss for me.
  7. I'd stick with the T100. You can always combo in a T200 long iron or two if needed.
  8. I have a set of these in my back up/persimmon bag. Fantastic sticks that I inherited from my father who bought them new. I'd love to see the catalog if someone has it. It doesn't show on the first page anymore.
  9. Yep, 115mph avg. with the driver(Ventus Blue 60TX) and play lighter 6.0 IO Project X in my irons.
  10. I feel a 24 deg hybrid would work well. Get one that is adjustable, so you can dial it in. I swap between a 24deg Titleist 915H and my 24deg 4 iron. The Hybrid is about 5 yards further carry. It flies much higher and lands much softer. Spin is similar. Total distance is 3-5 yards longer. Way more forgiving, but I can't flight it - so it gets swapped out on windy days. Paid $100 used this season to complement my 2H and haven't found a model a prefer.
  11. It will depend on what the loft of your current 4 iron is. If it is strong lofted you'll want a 4H if it is traditional you might want a 5H.
  12. Is the club number lasered onto all of the HMB irons? I feel that will fade or wear off over time.
  13. I'm still in love with my Blue 6TX. It has totally transformed my G410 plus. I have the confidence to work the ball, and my strike consistency is so much higher. Highly recommend.
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