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  1. Played BlueJack on Friday. Took me about an hour at 7 AM from downtown Houston. Every time I go back, there are more cottages and houses but nothing that encroaches on the golf course. I hear they have about 330 members now. We got around in five hours with a five-some where everybody shot between 80 and 90. Pace was a little slow I guess but honestly, I did not notice it. We were on the 15th tee, I looked at my phone, and realized we'd been playing for four hours and ten minutes. I was puzzled. It did not seem that long. Time had flown. Our fifth player had this motorcycle-looking golf cart which can go anywhere including near the green. Never seen one of those before. He was always racing off ahead of us. Looked fun! The course was in great shape for the winter. Never had to clean any mud or dirt on my ball. No grass stains even. Every lie was perfect. The greens were true with good pace, but diabolical. Very few straight putts outside of five feet. It's a fun, wide open golf course where if you can circumvent the fairway bunkers off the tee, the main challenge is navigating the greens. The level of service and quality of food is off the charts. Highly recommend.
  2. I belonged to a nice club in Texas where you can play year round. I quit when I got divorced, and have been playing public courses. While the club was nice and fancy, I enjoy the variety now and have met a lot of nice people. In the NE, where you can only play 9-10 months out of the year at most, it makes the private/public decision even more difficult. You are paying a huge premium for just golf, and the social aspect of the club needs to take up that slack IMO.
  3. I bought the 2x11 Pro Putt Systems turf with stance mat. It's awesome. Very realistic. Helped me a bunch. Putting is: 1) hitting it on the line you want, 2) hitting the correct speed, and 3) reading the green. The Pro Putt Systems turf helps me groove my stroke to a great degree of confidence as to #1. I practice nine foot putts, the first four of which are on a steel "ruler" two inches wide.
  4. Maybe it's easier to swallow if you think about it as $40 a hole...
  5. Relatively affordable Top 100 golf trips. Fly to RDU, drive 75 miles down to Southern Pines, NC. Stay at the Mid Pines Inn. Play Mid Pines ($215) and Pine Needles ($245). Drive 27 miles to Sanford, NC and play Tobacco Road ($215). Fly to Jackson MS or Birmingham, AL and drive 125-145 miles to Starkville, MS and stay there. Drive 20 miles and play Old Waverly ($170) and Moss Oak ($180) in West Point, MS Fly to Indiannapolis and drive 55 miles to Bloomington and stay there. Play Pfau at IU ($95) Drive 50 miles to French Lick and play the Dye ($350) and Ross ($125) courses there. Fly to Milwaukee and drive to Fond Du Lac (67 miles) or Oshkosh (88 miles) and stay on Lake Winnebago. Drive to 27 miles to Green Lake and play Lawsonia Links ($95) Drive 78 miles to Nekoosa and play Sand Valley ($225) and Mammoth Dunes ($225). These last two require a lot of car time... Fly to Detroit or Grand Rapids and drive a ways to Arcadia. Play Arcadia Bluffs and the South course, both $220. Drive 94 miles to Roscommon and play Forest Dunes ($185). Fly to Lincoln, NE and drive 190 miles to Gothernburg NE and stay there. Play Wild Horse ($62). Drive 157 miles to Valentine, NE and play Dunes course at the Prairie Club ($200).
  6. Having played #53 Links at Spanish Bay on the Golf Digest list (not Top 100 on GOLF list) and #52 We Ko Pa Saguaro on the GOLF list (not Top 100 on the GD list), I suspect the GOLF list might be better. Links at Spanish Bay was picturesque, but We Ko Pa was equally picturesque and a better test of golf. I'd go back to We Ko Pa. Can't say the same about Spanish Bay.
  7. Per the Golf Digest 2021 half wedge spin test, the TM Soft Response has the most spin/lowest trajectory of the non-urethane balls. Still a little less spin and a little higher than all the urethane balls though.
  8. To each their own. To me, Gus from the tips is a great test of golf and a lot of fun. Usually in great shape. All sorts of sidehill, downhill and uphill lies. Some very difficult holes, some easy holes and some risk-reward holes. And they just finished the Clubhouse. I prefer it over the old Memorial Park. And If Doak reshaped Gus's greens, I'd prefer it over the new Memorial Park.
  9. Some of the better public courses are about an hour from downtown (High Meadow Ranch NW of town, Wilderness South of town, Eagle Pointe East of town). Closer in, you have Gus Wortham, Golf Club of Houston and Cypresswood Tradition. If it were me and Hyatt was the choice, I'd stay the Galleria Hyatt Regency, play Gus Wortham and Cypresswood Tradition, Uber 10 mins to the Houston Open and dine at the River Oaks District (Steak 48, Le Colonial, Toulouse, MAD etc.). Note: need to reserve those restaurants at least a week in advance.
  10. Before golf course construction, my Dad and I would go out fishing on some of those ponds. My father was good friends with Tommy Blake. Tommy acquired that property in the 1930s as a legal fee, and always dreamed of putting a golf course on it. Dad and others helped him get Blaketree built. When Tommy died, the kids sold the land to the developer. That signature par 3 #12 hasn't changed a bit since the original course was built. But Tiger improved the course in a lot of other ways.
  11. Been playing with the same 4 Yards More (driver) and martini tees (irons) since 2018.
  12. All you rangefinder guys are slowing down the game... Just sayin'
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