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  1. Haven't seen anything in person yet, but I kind of like 'em. Looks to me like a natural progression from the Futura line. The X5 would be the one I'd lean towards if I were looking for a new flat stick.
  2. Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI for me. Have it in a 3 iron, same shaft as the rest of my irons & love it. Hit it 225 all day off the tee, 215+ off the deck. Straight n forgiving!
  3. while the overall shape of the fangs of the Axis is very similar to the Odyssey #7, there are lot of other differences. The top line of the putter is narrower with more rounded edges, the #7 is much thicker & more angular. The fangs are bolted to the back of an otherwise blade like head. The hosel obiviously! The TM Ardmore is more like the #7 than this Axis is.
  4. I've read many of the posts in the thread but not all so this may have already been mentioned... I play nearly all of my golf on public/municipal courses. Some have much better hole conditions than others. At those "others" many flag sticks have quite a significant lean while in the hole. I do plan to leave the flag stick in more times than not. However, if that lean cannot be corrected before I putt I will be taking the flag stick out. Especially on windy days where is moving back n forth. Oh, with the flag stick in I like that can putt more aggressively. On short putts, anything
  5. My first set of blades were the MP-32 & still my sentimental favorite. Beautiful irons!!! My current MP-18's pretty damn sweet too though.
  6. I'm playing a blended set of Mizuno MP18s right now. Blades 7 thru PW, SC 4 thru 6, and a 3 iron MMC. They're fantastic irons my & my favorite blades to date. I wish I would have gotten at least the 6iron in the blade too. Forgiving, butter soft, compact head with thin-ish top lines, etc. Still think my old MP-32s look a touch nicer & have an even more buttery feel, just not as long or as forgiving as the MP-18s.
  7. Been playing a Titleist 915F 3 wood with a Rouge Black 75 shaft for a while now. Didn't think I'd need to change until something inside it broke and was rattling around inside the head. Couldn't get the broken piece out so it was time for a new one. Tested several and thought it'd be hard to pass up on the Callaway Rouge Sub Zero. That one felt the best of all, good numbers on the launch monitor, but then got to the Titleist TS2 & TS3s. The TS2 was nice, but the TS3 was even better. Sim. numbers to the Rouge, tighter dispersion, and more of a solid sound/feel. Even gave it a day t
  8. Nothing wrong with hitting cut shots all day. They're typically safer shots than draws which DJ has proven over that last couple years. What I see is that TW wants to hit cut shots, but doesn't always set up on the tee box for those cut shots. Instead he aims right down the middle & then over does it. A shaft change may help him only on the mental side of things. If he changes the shaft & finds something in the process maybe that'll help clear his mind a bit about hitting his tee shots. He's never been an accurate driver of the ball, but a little something straighter would help
  9. I agree with those that say "get involved". There are a lot of players everywhere that cheat the system, only input tournament rounds that posted for them, only input rounds over their current index, etc. The only way to make a dent in what's going on at your local club is to get involved. The club I play in has issues too just like everyone else. However, our handicap chair typically pairs himself with newer members to see first hand what they bring to the table. If there's evidence upfront to show the new member may have an inflated index it's looked into and at times adjusted.
  10. Got a call from a buddy of mine that has some connections in the local golf community. He called a buddy of his who's the manager at the golf shop I was complaining about. He gave me his name & asked my to go back and ask for him. So I did. Much better outcome today & ordered my new MP18 set! Woo Hoo! Went through a much more normal fitting that took about an an hour & 20 min. Unlike yesterday, we started of with shaft optimizer, got some suggested shaft options, and ended up testing about 10 different shafts overall. Two of the tested shafts today were again the PX 6.0,
  11. yup, more than likely you've done broke her.
  12. Yes, the 900 series is still part of the current line up. You can get JPX 900 Hot Metal, JPX 900 Forged or JPX 900 Tour. Just picked up a 2018 Golf Collection guide from a local golf shop earlier this week. It's include all of these.
  13. Yup, just trying to figure out where to run to.
  14. I live in Reno NV. After writing that I called a guy that I've taken lesson from. He does some fitting but only deals with Taylormade. He could do a fitting that'd get me close & I could then take that info where ever & order some Mizunos. The only other fitter he'd recommend was a specific golf pro/fitter at a local course that does more fitting & building now than teaching. Yup... I'm running, but trying to figure out where to.
  15. Hi All, Long time lurker & this is my 1st post. Sorry if this has topic has been beat to death already, but have a couple questions about what to expect during an iron fitting. I currently play the MP52s & before that the MP32s. The 52's have Dyanlite Gold XP S300 shafts in them & I'm hitting then a little higher than I'd like. Especially the middle irons. I've also developed a bit of a pull in my irons over the last several months that I've been working on, but it's been very hard to get rid of. My old MP32's have Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and the flight of those are q
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