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  1. I absolutely love the LA TPZone35. It's legit the best thing to ever happen to my putting. I think it's a combination of the stiffness and the weight. The balance on the shaft is so nice. The BGT and Stroke Lab are decent too, but feel totally different to me. As soon as this comes to market I'll be getting one to try in my 2-Ball Ten.
  2. I have several miscellaneous items for sale. All must go! I think I have solid pricing on all this but give a decent offer and we can probably work something out. No trades please! Mizuno HMB Iron Set 5-9 HMBs with 46* and 50* T20 wedges (raw 50*). KBS C-Taper Lite X-Stiff shafts in all clubs. Standard Lofts, 1 degree flat lie. 1/4" Short. Best Grips Microperf Midsize leather grips on all. 46* has a BB&Fco ferrule on it. Played about one season, decided they were a little too large visually for me, but really liked the feel of them. I'd call them pre-owned "very good" co
  3. Just got mine in...it's honestly pretty incredible. Took a little while extra to get to me, but think a large portion of that was shipping. I think my total wait was about 8 weeks, maybe slightly less. The quality of work is awesome...definitely as good as any others I have (Lamb, Cody James, Olson, Toulon) and the finish work may even be better. The feel of the putter is very good. The deep milled copper gives it a nice deep, soft, solid thud. It's unusual, but I really like it. I can't say enough good things about the putter. If you're on the fence, definitely give Nordbe
  4. He’s been great to work with - shipping causing some delays right now but can’t wait to get mine. Will post some pics once it’s here.
  5. One item today. Used set of NCW wedges. Used about half a season, approximately 30 rounds or less. Lots of life left. Standard length c-taper lite x-stiff shafts. 1 flat. Grip master leather microperf midsize grips. Bb&f co ferrules. I really liked the shape and grind just looking for a little something different. Would trade for a set of Artisan wedges. SOLD
  6. What length does the Ventus play in a driver?
  7. I’d call it a 1/4 hang. I guess 7 or 8 o’clock
  8. They’re really nice...I would say slightly softer than Mizunos, but there is more of a weight behind it. Just feel solid.
  9. Have a trio of items today. Definitely willing to wheel and deal but not particularly looking for trades. Glad to provide additional pics or info as needed. Thanks for looking! Another price drop on the Miuras - send some offers - I want to get these sold! Miura MB-101 / TC-201 TC-201 4 iron with Fuji Pro 115 Stiff shaft. MB-101 5 thru PW irons with LE KBS C-Taper Lite black X-stiff shafts. Purchased second hand and had the shafts installed with BB&F Co. ferrules, Best Grips brown leather grips. Was told they were purchased new in March, and sold to me w
  10. I may be one of the few to not like the BGT shaft. I actually liked the stiffness of it, but I did not like the weight balance of it. I felt like all the weight was in the handle and I couldn't feel the putter head as well as I normally can. It did seem to make my lag putting better, but I couldn't control the club head as well so my accuracy was off just slightly. I see where it definitely has merit, just wasn't willing to put in the work needed to see the results with it.
  11. This is pure speculation, but my guess is that he has some sort of "deal" with an OEM to get acquired or a business model like Scotty. They need to get production to a certain level before that happens and guessing ball markers and accessories allowed him to get there faster than putters. Now the focus will shift to putters to get to the needed output.
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