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  1. Looking for a 50ish gram weight driver shaft for an experiment. Thinking Ventus Red/Blue Velocore or AD DI/TP but open to others. Let me know.
  2. What length does the Ventus play in a driver?
  3. I’d call it a 1/4 hang. I guess 7 or 8 o’clock
  4. They’re really nice...I would say slightly softer than Mizunos, but there is more of a weight behind it. Just feel solid.
  5. Have a trio of items today. Definitely willing to wheel and deal but not particularly looking for trades. Glad to provide additional pics or info as needed. Thanks for looking! Another price drop on the Miuras - send some offers - I want to get these sold! Miura MB-101 / TC-201 TC-201 4 iron with Fuji Pro 115 Stiff shaft. MB-101 5 thru PW irons with LE KBS C-Taper Lite black X-stiff shafts. Purchased second hand and had the shafts installed with BB&F Co. ferrules, Best Grips brown leather grips. Was told they were purchased new in March, and sold to me w
  6. I may be one of the few to not like the BGT shaft. I actually liked the stiffness of it, but I did not like the weight balance of it. I felt like all the weight was in the handle and I couldn't feel the putter head as well as I normally can. It did seem to make my lag putting better, but I couldn't control the club head as well so my accuracy was off just slightly. I see where it definitely has merit, just wasn't willing to put in the work needed to see the results with it.
  7. This is pure speculation, but my guess is that he has some sort of "deal" with an OEM to get acquired or a business model like Scotty. They need to get production to a certain level before that happens and guessing ball markers and accessories allowed him to get there faster than putters. Now the focus will shift to putters to get to the needed output.
  8. I'd like to move my set of Miura Linksoul Color Theory Irons. Comes with 4 irons at 25, 32, 40 ,49 degrees and only identified by the Color on the sole. A really cool half set or collector items. Miura needs to introduction. I could probably call these new but the previous owner put a different set of grips on them and I think hit them one time. Exceptional condition and really cool set of irons. Will ship with original box and original artwork booklet. Let's call it SOLD
  9. Triple Top Dots. Really unique and for some reason has my aim locked in.
  10. I have a Savage Too with 3 dots on top. I absolutely love it and keep coming back to it. I'm putting the best I've ever putted with it. I also have a Spider X, a Lamb Crafted, an Olson and a couple others I mess with around home, but nothing rolls it better than the Swag. The milling and design of the putter is super high quality and I'd put that part of it up against any other putter maker.
  11. Bit of a mixed bag for sale...looking for cash but open to offers. PGA Championship Tie-Dye Jordan 5s. Size 11. Brand new. Got a chance to pick them up, decided I can't get into the Jordans. Only opened to take pics. SOLD Tie-Dye Air Zoom Infinity Tours. Brand New. Size 6.5 men/ 8 women - Bought these for my wife but they were too narrow for her feet. Long shot sale cause they're so small but offering them up before I return them. SOLD Seamus Fescue Project Hawaiian Bag - Use for 1.5 seasons probably 60 rounds. This bag is used but has tons of life left. Decided I liked a sta
  12. Price drops on the remaining items...feel free to make an offer.
  13. Last item remaining....priced to sell so make an offer: Logan Olson Mfg. Mallet I believe this is the last mallet head he produced, not doing them anymore. I love it but want to send it to someone who may use it/not worried their kids will destroy it 34" in length. Some really nice details and work on this guy. Grip is a midsized, leather gripmaster. Not sure on pricing so lets call it $1200
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