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  1. I agree. Rough to them is akin to playing the ball down in some of our Southern Indiana fairways. Know what to expect? Nope. Some days that light at the end of the tunnel is the way out. Other days it’s a train. cheers, <><
  2. Good luck with that. Even the leader in logistics ( think Brown ) is having many issues James E.Casey never envisioned. And you do know that Brown handles a decent amount of logistics for other industries? As a front line manager with a Fortune 250 transportation service I will tell you that solutions upstream are more elusive than ever. Might best be happy you received your parcel, period. Want further proof? Amazon Prime went from pulling and holding to not arrive advanced to pulling just in time, and often missing there.
  3. Ding, we have the winner. With responsibility comes accountability, true in a time many ages ago as well as today. The problem (as I see it FWIW) is the hierarchy platform in that many here believe they (we) are mortared in at the top as internal customers. Not sure the current business model supports the definition.
  4. Or being a lad of twelve with metal spikes taking a running start on the Pro Shop carpet and the sliding across the poured concrete floor in the dining area for dimes. You would be surprised how far and how fast you can go out the back, try that in Stingers or Black Widows.
  5. Throw a bullet with nobody rushing is one thing, making that same pass with LT on the other side all coked up staring you down is a very different story.
  6. I wonder how many people following the broadcast believe with all their heart they could do so much better than Manning and Brady and yet can’t recall when they absolutely froze on the stage during their 5th grade Spelling Bee?
  7. Quite possibly the best volunteer gig going is at VN. The staff seems to appreciate the volunteers in a very sincere manner and treats you better than a member for your volunteer round. Best $50 I spend every year.
  8. Have played the Black Gold in regular and stiff, hard stepped, soft stepped what have you. For me, I thought the BGs and Apex 4s had a similar feel albeit always in Endo forged heads that I played, which I think your Apex+ qualifies. Ball flights for me were different as the BGs did a better job of flighting the ball a bit lower with the scoring clubs as they were built to do. Decent amount of info on the site regarding the BGs but for my taste they were so very different from any model of PX that I’ve hit unless the PXs had the wooden dowel treatment. The Apex 3s I just built into a set o
  9. Thanks for the replies, have played Dino Mtn. a few times and agree with the assessments. Have played We-Ko-Pa once and glad to hear it's closer traffic wise than Southern. Found a deal on a house in Gold Canyon that was too hard to pass up, with the limited dining options the cookIng at home may be a nice choice. Last time I visited, and it was a good while back at that, ended up closing Tres Banderas with one of the owners if I recall correctly. From what I've been told there where certain selections they brought out differently not on any menu. Played Longbow once right after the re-de
  10. Flying to PHX next week, assuming air travel is still on and need some suggestions for take out! We are renting a house in Gold Canyon, will likely stay in the general area between it and Mesa for golf and dining. Anyone have suggestions for best breakfasts,.lunch, dinner, absolute junk food on that end of the Valley?. Is Southern Dunes worth the ~1 hour drive IYHO vs. a round at Dino?. Looking at a warm up round at Trilogy, then open for another conditions permitting. Cheers <><
  11. is it possible the 2020 Masters committee selects an alternative date for this year and lets the networks figure it out? They held the event in 2003 with little to no commercials to appease and the event went off just fine . . . they tell the networks who they want and what they are to say. There is very little ANGC cannot do when it comes down to it. Having it played out for for television may be their least concern as is the PGA schedule. It’s an invitational in its truest application. The 2020 committee may go forward this year for the very reason that they can if they can get the Agron
  12. Great putter from one of the top unsung (so to speak) craftsmen of our passage. Have a few in the rotation with a Pro 1 S in transit and on the lookout for a Pro 1 P. And if my friend has not seen those Macs before they are indeed "rare as hens teeth". Oddly enough Stu my new iPad keeps wanting to auto-correct 'hens teeth' to all kinds of nonsense, who writes code for these things anyways? Good job on the painfill, got the bag to match? <>< Stick
  13. Good call on the Lafayette courses, believe Tim Liddy did the redesign of Attica for the owners of Harrison Steel,
  14. > @CCTxGolf said: > Check out the Dormie Network. Multiple option there with accommodations. If I had the coin and the time it would be a cool deal. Well within the target budget and has spectacular lodging options at VN, assume others as well. Convenient to many markets and ownership seems to understand their members FWIW.
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