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  1. What are the brown marks on the sole? Is that dirt?
  2. Agreed. It’s is awesome! I just putt better with the anser 2 version unfortunately.
  3. Doing some spring cleaning as my garage looks like a pro shop. J15 CB 4-P in amazing condition. Nippon Modus shaft with my opinion the G.O.A.T. Grip lamkin REL ACE 3 GEN crossline. Standard everything. Specs in pic below. These look and feel amazing and are long! The 7 iron has a mark on the sole, see pic and the P has some marks on sweet spot, but beyond that they close to perfect. Unfortunately they just don’t work for me as I like a smaller club head. Grips logo down. SOLD SM5 black/raw wedges. X100 shafts. 1* upright. Both in good shape, 46* saw much less use
  4. I practice the most with my 54 so once a year. My 60 is closer to 1.5 to 2 years and my GW and PW just get changed when I get bored. Everything is so expensive now so I try to stretch them a little further.
  5. Scotty is loosing it. Cash bag is literally the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Headcover is though. $119 for the kit plus prob $30 shipping .
  6. I just got a mevo today to use indoors. The data does not seems to be even close to accurate. I started with a 54* which I fly on the golf course 114ish. Mevo said 97-99 on balls that I flushed. 8 iron I fly on the golf course about 162ish. Mevo said about 146. 7 iron I fly on course about 174. Mevo said 151. I guess I’ll take it to the course and compare it to a laser, but very disappointing to say the least. Planning on selling the mevo to buy some HGH, superspeed sticks, and some orgain protein shakes.
  7. Like new MCraft II. Played 9 holes with it. Amazing feel, unfortunately it is just too heavy for me. Specs are based on Scotty Cameron to play at 35”, 70* lie and 3.5 loft. Please note that mizuno measures their putters to the heel of the putter (vs Scotty Cameron at the center) so that if this was ordered direct from Mizuno (which it was) it would be 34.5”. Comes with weight kit and headcover. $220
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