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  1. Any insight on this one ? IMG_8840.MOV
  2. Would slowing down your back swing cause slower swing speeds?
  3. I had a lower back issue last year which led to a lot of early extension and shanks. That’s what the swing change is now to eliminate that and use a neutral grip. I’m a healthy strong 37 year old firefighter and I’m very flexible. I know I have the swing speed I’m just not producing it I guess....
  4. Yes I’m using the stickers I have no idea where my swing speed has gone then.... this makes no sense I’m a 4 handicap and this isn’t cutting it. Maybe the x-100’s are to heavy for me now and I need different shafts. I did go from a strong grip to a neutral grip.
  5. Anyone know anything about flight scope? My friend has a setup in his garage and he is having issues with it and we still use it. The main issue is the spin. I’m going through a huge swing change so my thing right now is hitting balls, but does the spin effect distance? This is a 7 iron shot I normally hit a 7 iron 167 he said the spin numbers can be off sometimes 2000-4000. I’m not even sure I could try to hit a 7 iron 130 yards and this is a full shot.
  6. so with the S40 you cannot see the hole layout? I assume you can see it with the S60?
  7. I’m in the market to get a Garmin watch I’m not really sure why maybe some better features. I have a garmin g60 approach that’s about 4 years old. It works well , but I think it’s time to upgrade. It seems like splitting hairs between the 40 and the 60. I am a 4 -6 handicap I do like the option of the green changing as you approach it on the course that the 60 offers I could care less about it telling me what club to use though. Any insight would be great thank you.
  8. Anyone heard from any of the courses in naples?
  9. Wasn't sure do you think it will take them more than a couple of weeks to open
  10. We are planning on coming down sept 27th for 15 days we have condos that weren't damaged . However though does anyone think golf courses will be up and running then ?
  11. Actually yea I would prolly need a 6.0
  12. I have x100 DG in my 917 AP2 irons I went from using 6.0 PX in my TM 2.0 irons a couple of years ago. My question is I felt like i had better feedback with PX and that I hit the ball farther with a better penetrating ball flight. I have a strong grip and of course my miss is a hook my clubs are set at 2 degrees upright. Would I maybe benefit at trying 6.5 PX in my irons or are the flight characteristics for both of these about the same? Thanks
  13. Are there places other than golf galaxythat will specifically fit for Scotty Cameron ?
  14. Well it was a expierence . The course was in fantastic shape . The hospitality I felt in my own opinion was on par with any exclusive club . Maybe I'm use to this because I play on a lot of nice courses in Naples Fl . I'm a 4 handicap and shot a high round 90 . My game wasn't close to being on though yesterday I feel like on a good day I could shoot 77 this is off the blue tees of course . The main thing is the rough that stuff is crazy thick and nearly impossible to hit out of
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