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  1. I'm around same HC as you and am torn whether I go full ZX5, full ZX7 (probably not) or combo. Did you tell any feel/sound difference b/w the ZX5 7 iron and the ZX7 8 iron? That's the only thing that I'm somewhat leery about, because they are 2 totally different types of construction Any trajectory difference? How's the gapping between the 7 and 8? As anticipated if it was a non-combo set?
  2. Must have been an error on their end, because now the shoes are $22.26 with discount (orig price 34.96). So if your buddy, or anyone for that matter, managed to get a pair for the first price....and they honored it, they got a steal! PS - I have these shoes and, at least for me, I had a heck of a time finding the right fit. I usually wear a 10 (10.5 in Jordans) and I had to send them back twice to get the right size. I believe eventually I had to go with a 9M...and those still fit big!
  3. Did you just go with the stock lofts, or modify at all? Did you use the same shafts in your 5-PW/AW setup, as in your utility? Or different shaft?
  4. Did anyone get a straight set of ZX5's, with the ZX Utility 4I instead of the ZX5 4I? I hear it's like a cannon, and the sole, blade length and offset are more than the ZX5 4I, but the ZX Utility is only 1 degree stronger (23) than the ZX5 5I (24)...ZX5 4I is 2 degree stronger at 22 deg. Did you bend it to match the ZX5 4I loft, or were you seeing similar/better results with gapping between the 4 and 5 iron with the ZX Utility 4 iron? I'm just afraid with such similar lofts, the distance gap might not be as much as you'd expect/want between those clubs (although presumably the f
  5. Funny, this exact same situation happened to me a couple of months ago. Except it was my wife and my 4 yr old son, just out with me for some fresh air. I lost it on the snowbird retiree after they drove up on me (AFTER almost hitting my family) and the guy was waving his arms aggressively and yelling at me.
  6. Do you know what model the zero restrictions jacket is? Trying to look it up to see it's properties or recommended use
  7. Wow, I didn't know the 19 Apex Pro was a 2 piece. I thought it was 1 piece. I thought the 2 piece offering was the standard Apex. I don't own any of them, so my knowledge of them is pretty low, that's why I was asking.
  8. Are the Apex Pro supposed to be a one piece forging, like the last iteration? Someone mentioned a foam filled hollow body, so I assume that can't be a 1 piece forging, but wanted to verify.
  9. I emailed them, let you know results. I was inquiring about the shaft options (only modus 120 was listed), and asked about discount codes as well. Can't beat that price if it's true! Used ones would sell for more than that, most likely
  10. My thoughts exactly. So combos could be DCB - Apex - Apex Pro and then TCB - MB.
  11. You talked to them and they verified this wasn't an error on their site, and they will honor the price? How can they offer that on a club that isn't released yet?
  12. I'd love to see a comparison of the sole width between the DCB, Apex and Apex Pro. Coming soon, I'm sure!!!
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