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  1. Have a potential trade lined up with another member and the forum mods suggested we post in here for any tips, or best practices to ensure that both parties feel protected, if that's even possible. Anyone done a cross-country trade and if so, did you try and build in any protection for both parties, if so how? Or is it as simple as just have to trust the other person(s) to do the right thing? Thanks!
  2. 1. How often do you walk when you play? Very rarely/never because I don't have a caddy like this one! 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? No 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? 110% absolutely! Lots of guys at my club have them, I just haven't sprung for one quite yet
  3. Came out super good!! Sorry to hear that happened, but looks similar to mine. Questions: Is yours stainless or carbon? I don't know if the C in BB8C means its carbon or something else. But it's also stamped DASS What did you refinish it in? Black oxide again or is that black chrome? How's this coating holding up, or are you just displaying it and not gaming it? Mind if I ask how much you paid, excluding shipping? Thanks for response!
  4. Ah that makes sense, their 'older' black oxide I saw was that greyish one, didn't know they had a blacker one. I thought the blacker one they called 'black chrome' and it was a PVD. Makes perfect sense though. So any ideas on how to fix it? I've seen posts on how to (0000 steel wool, quick wipe of acetone, etc) but I think those would screw it up more. What about touching it up with some gun blue? Think that would work? How do you take care of black oxide on stainless? Same as carbon? Rem Rag or silcone rag, or do you even have to do that if its stainless, since it (technically) shouldn't rust?
  5. It's the faintest of magnetism....not strong enough to hold a magnet to the putter and withstand gravity, but it's there. I'm no metallurgist either but I have done some SS research for work before. There's several different grades and it all depends what the alloy consists of and the percentages. With that, some are more corrosion resistant than others and some of the alloys have magnetic properties due to the metal used in the alloy. No way to know what grade they use unless you're an insider I imagine
  6. To the best of my knowledge, the typical black coatings for stainless steel putters are black oxide and PVD. I know there are some specialty shops who can do others that are similar to a cerakote. If it was PVD, there's no way that a mild solvent (alcohol) and light rubbing with a magic eraser would remove the coating...I've tried it on a black mist SC (PVD coating) that I refinished and even acetone didn't impact the coating. That's why I thought it was black oxide...process of elimination and physical evidence of what I saw with the coating when trying to clean it But what has me is why the putter has the slight magnetism to it, if it's stainless? Unless DASS stainless steel naturally has some sort of magnetic properties. I know certain SS's do, but good luck trying to get specifics about what grade SS the metal is from Bettinardi. That's why I thought maybe it was plated? I'll try and contact them again, last time my email got unanswered.
  7. I've searched high and low and can't find an answer....have there ever been any Betti DASS black putters that were black oxide and not the black chrome (which I'm assuming, but can't verify, is a PVD finish)? I recently picked up a tour only Betti so I was told, not a hive release and not on their website or any internet forum, that had some issues with the coating looking blotchy/rubbing off in areas, presumably from transit as I think some substance got into the box through a huge gash (thanks UPS!). It appears the coating simply came off (got lighter) in some areas. At first I thought it might be some substance on the putter, so I tried lightly cleaning it with some 70% alcohol, thinking it was a PVD finish and it appeared to take a little of the black coating off. Plus it sure looks like black oxide the more I look at it and how easy it can wear unevenly from things like fertilizer/etc. So that got me thinking...if its PVD, alcohol shouldn't do anything to it (at least it doesn't on my other SC black PVD putters)....but if it's black oxide then sure, it could strip it really easily. Also, the putter head isn't completely non-magnetic like my other silver (uncoated) DASS, it has an ever so slight magnetic attraction (using a powerful neodymium magnet)...not strong enough to hold up a key fob on a keychain ring, but it's there. So I thought, maybe its plated DASS with black oxide and the plating is what is giving it the slight magnetic attraction? Or maybe they used one of the SS alloys that has some magnetic attraction? It's the same all around the putter, face sole toe etc, of course the neck and around that area has a strong attraction from the shaft. Can anyone confirm if this type of putter was ever produced? It's a QB6, so not a super old model. I'm not concerned it's one of the stolen carbon DASS putters from circa 2015 because if it was, it would have a much stronger magnetic attraction. If it is black oxide on plated SS, anyone have recommendations on how to even out the finish without simply re-doing the coating? How do you take care of black oxide on SS, as you don't have to worry about rust I don't imagine? Do you still use a silicone rag or oil to coat it or just roll with it as-is and take care of it when it gets wet?
  8. I don't know about some of you guys, but I've never had much luck with automotive touch up paint (for golf clubs or for my car!). It's tends to not flow very well and get 'goopy'; or it's so thin it doesn't cover any dings. Seems every kind I've gotten for every car manufacturer this happens. OP you could also try fingernail polish....and an added incentive, you could go goth and paint you nails black afterwards and scare your playing partners!!
  9. They confirmed on their IG that the 2022 BB series will be revealed/released tomorrow and it's got a new 'aggressive' flymill
  10. Black sharpie most people have and can be a fill in, but I've always found when it dries its more like a dark grey. If you by any chance have a paint pen I'd try that. I've had success using a Montana paint pen to fill in dings on matte black KBS shafts, and I tried several different types of paint pens/sharpies...the Montana paint pen was almost a dead nuts match. One thing I didn't try was the Milwaukee/Sharpie 'PRO' versions which you can use in the rain. I know those are more durable on golf balls (it's what Tiger uses), no experience with clubs. Could also try an enamel Testors model paint as well if you've got it. I think any of those options would be a closer fit then Sharpie, but you'll likely have to test a few. I seem to have things like this happen with me and it sure does make you sick to your stomach...but hopefully you can get it to be a close match and it won't be in the back of your mind.
  11. Yep a Betti Tour shaft band (not looking at it right now so don't know the exact verbiage)
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