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  1. Unfortunately, I can't help much with this because I only use it outdoors. I'm sure someone will chime in though...
  2. "The Trajectory optimizer to match up with the PGA stats needs to have the Elevation Set to 1000 ft elevation (or close to it to make the numbers matchup) across the board." This is perfect and the type of info I need! Thanks again!
  3. For one second, let's take the ball variable out of the equation. Since, we know the ball speed varies with the different types of balls and the ball speed number is the basis for the FS numbers/algorithm. I was looking back through some data and comparing to the Trackman published PGA tour data (as Exactice808 posted above). I have a couple of shots that are pretty close to their data, but significantly less 'carry' distance. These shots were taken with the elevation set to the actual elevation and not the adjusted elevation, as mentioned above. Not shown
  4. Thanks Exactice808! I think all this info is good to log for everyone's purposes...current mevo/LM owners and prospective. Update on my end: Per Hondabuff's statement regarding elevation and the FS Mevo, I went out the other night and did my own test. It was dusk, so wasn't able to finish my test fully, but I went out and hit ~15 random range balls and ~15 'gamer'/better balls into a green at 100 yards out (per Garmin Z82 rangefinder). Was around a 5-10mph side wind based on my angle, so while it wasn't calm wind, probably wasn't super impactful. Weather was (like it alw
  5. Thanks gentlemen. Agreed the post was in the wrong forum, I'll get it switched.
  6. Maybe I'm just slow, but I'm not seeing where the flag is at. I posted a forum topic under 'equipment' and just now noticed it's under 'golfwrx club tech'. Not sure how that happened, but wanted to clean it up. I looked all over (even in my account settings) and couldn't find a way to report the post. I've attached a screenshot just for reference. Thanks!
  7. Wow that's interesting and can't say I've heard that before. I'll definitely keep an eye on that. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the clarification. Makes sense to me and explains when I was testing the unit from 6 feet and from 7 feet, I didn't notice any appreciable difference in the numbers.
  9. Has anyone noticed any appreciable differences when changing the distance the unit is behind the ball?
  10. Thanks everyone! Really great info...can always trust the golfwrx'ers to come through!! @Hondabuff - the altitude part of the equation I didn't think of tinkering with. Assuming you're a UCF grad (like me), you probably know where I'm playing at (Volusia County - Port Orange). I've pulled the elevation data from a variety of sources, including the more high precision topo maps that I use for work (I'm an engineer) such as the USGS TNM Elevation Map. I never thought to tinker with that value, which is something like 23ft above MSL. But if you needed to make a greater than 2k
  11. I have a 1st gen Mevo and I was wondering what the consensus is out there regarding accuracy with the use of various balls? Before I purchased it, I read tons of reviews/posts saying that it is pretty close (within a reasonable margin of error) to a real deal launch monitor. Just referencing mid-irons, for example, what I have noticed is most of my sessions at my range, the carry distance that is given by Mevo is roughly 10 yards shorter than what I'm seeing in real life playing conditions. The range I hit at doesn't have premium balls, but some of the balls are decent/higher e
  12. Got a smorgasbord of items for sale. First time poster (long time purchaser/lurker) so let me know if you need more detail/pics/etc. Since I don't have any rep/feedback on here, PM me and I can give you my Ebay user name, if you wanted to validate me. All prices include shipping to CONUS. If you're in PST add $5. Can ship to Hawaii/Canada/PR/etc, but PM me for price differential. All prices are OBO. Prices for some of the older items I tried to determine by BST Archive and Ebay sales, but feel free to send over any reasonable offers. Nothing I can think of t
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