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  1. Looking for a decent condition Titleist 915f 3 wood. 15 degree. Not concerned with what shaft. Head only would be fine too.
  2. Hemlock is the best of that group. Village is by far the worst.
  3. Just got email from Club Corp outlining their benefits changes. Effective August 1: How have golf benefits changed? Your two complimentary green fees are available per market per month, not per club per month (Network cart fees apply)For example, you can visit Atlanta and play two rounds of golf, and then in that same month, visit Tampa and play two rounds of golf, providing hundreds of dollars of value in every market, every month.Tee time availability will be Sunday noon to Friday noon.Rental clubs are available for $25, replacing the complimentary loaner clubs (normally $50-$75 per set)H
  4. I placed an order through Discount Dan's for an SM8 wedge with custom lie angle, shaft, and grip on June 18 and its scheduled to be delivered on June 29.
  5. Wouldn't they have an obligation to communicate changes to the membership to existing members? We don't think existing members would be grandfathered in to previous benefits would they?
  6. Also, its seems like benefits are only Sunday (noon) through Friday (noon)? I had thought they had been valid Mon-Fri anytime and Weekends after 12pm?
  7. Has there been a change in the benefits? A friend of mine was signing up for Play Away and he said that the benefits indicate you get two complimentary green fees PER MARKET per month at country clubs nationwide. Has this always been the case? I thought it had always been two complimentary green fees PER CLUB per month. Meaning if you traveled somewhere with a handful of courses you could play each club twice on your trip. But now its seems you'd only get two rounds total, regardless of how many clubs in that market?
  8. I’m going to attempt some reshafting for the first time but not sure which epoxy to get. Seems there are a few different kinds on golfworks site. I need to epoxy a ping 410 adapter on a graphite shaft and will also be shafting some Titleist 690 heads on x100 shafts. What would be the best epoxy to get?
  9. Resurrecting an old thread. Curious how the finish held up. Also, were these irons regrooved?
  10. I’m looking to have a set of 690mb refinished in a satin finish. My grooves are still pretty good. So I’m not sure if I’d need them regrooved at all. Or do you have to get them regrooved if you refinish? My main concern is if refinishing will affect playability at all aside from potential loss on the head weight. And are irons that are regrooved are still conforming. Anyone with any experience that can answer some of these questions? Also, how is durability of refinished heads?
  11. So it looks like Apple Valley is the winner. Really looking forward to playing both. Its seems like every year i say I have to get down and play Virtues and we never get around to it. Glad I'm finally getting the change to play it.
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