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  1. I played PGA West Nicklaus Tournament course a week ago and it was it absolutely awful shape. Lots and bare dirt in the fairways and huge weeds growing in the fairways. Just in all around poor shape. I’ve played it in the summer months in the last and it was in great shape so not sure what’s going on. Also, the stadium, Norman, and la Quinta mountain courses were all closed.
  2. I have an Accra TZ6 shaft with a Taylormade adapter at driver length that I would like to play in a TSi2 3 wood. Will this be as simple as swapping adapters and butt trimming to desired length? Or will I need to tip trim to go from driver to 3 wood?
  3. For sale is a pair of Travis Mathew 777 Prestige Pure Performance Shorts. Size 33 Dark Blue NWT Asking $SOLD
  4. I didn’t think Play Away members were able to use the app to book tee times. Is this a new change?
  5. I'm going to be spending about a month in Palm Desert this coming November/December and was wondering if there are any facilities where I could rent a trackman for an hour or two? I'm looking to work on getting distances dialed in for all my clubs. So ideally I'd like somewhere that is outdoors where I could just hit balls for an hour or two on the trackman. Does anything like this exist?
  6. Selling brand new 718 AP2 set of irons. 4-PW Standard Spec L/L/L Dynamic Gold White AMT S300 Shafts Golf Pride Tour Velvet White 360 Grips Heads and Grips still in plastic Price $800
  7. Also, not sure what the club corp deal is at Rams Hill but that’s a great course. I’d play there if you can. Little bit of a drive but I thought it was worth it.
  8. To be clear in terms of club corp the courses are Indian Wells Country Club (not resort) and Mission Hills Country Club (not Westin Mission Hills Courses). IMO the best of the club corp courses is the Missions Hills Dina Shore Course where the women play the ANA major. I’ve played all the mission hills courses along with the Indian Wells courses and Desert Falls. I like them all. Desert Falls is a nice change of pace sometimes because it’s not really a desert course with native areas.
  9. Rejected as well. But given that there were probably minimal tickets available, since 2020 ticket holders were guaranteed 2021 tickets, I didn't expect to win.
  10. I really can't believe they never showed any replay. Maybe they only had the one look at it from behind the tee box but still surprising they never showed it again considering they stayed on the hole for almost the entire time they searched for the ball.
  11. Hemlock is the best of that group. Village is by far the worst.
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