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  1. Looking for a set of Ping G425 irons in stiff steel. Pay-Pal ready......Thanks FOUND A SET PLEASE DELETE....Thank you....
  2. I tested the Tensei Orange and Ping Tour shafts a couple years ago in my G410 and got lower ball flight and less spin with the Tour which gave me around 7 more yards....I just ordered the G425 Max with the Tour....:)
  3. If the Atmos is still available please send pics to me at: [email protected] Very interested. Thanks, John
  4. Gents, I have been gaming a M2 Tour with 125 MSI Rogue that I bought from Will Peoples a couple of years ago and it is still a bomber. But like all of us I have an urge to try a Ping G400 LST with a T1100 or Tensei Orange shaft. Is it worth trying a New TM M3 or M4 head with the Rogue or go with the Ping? I am a 6.3 HDCP with a high ball flight. SS around 110 with the occasional bomb over 300 yards. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks, JAIII
  5. I am interested in the head only if you are willing to split. Let me know. Thanks
  6. I am interested in the head only if willing to separate. Let me know. Thanks
  7. Are the AVX golf balls still available? Thanks, JAIII
  8. I will take whatever you have left if still available. Let me know. Thanks, JAIII
  9. Do you like it better than the Epic SZ?
  10. Thanks for your input.....Leaning toward the Ping G400 LST
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