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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for a new standbag.... Not even a year of playing golf my Callaway 2012 hyper light bag the fabric separating between the irons already broke and have holes.... Really looking to buy a new standbag to walk on a course that can last a while... I've been looking at the forums and see that Ogio is a good brand and also Titleist? Please let me know which stand bags are good for my money! Thank you! Also looking for a new travel cover for international trips any suggestions? My first time buying these.... Thank you for all your help! Kevin
  2. Confused again..... on above comment... so i should get a mens set reg then? or senior Graphite?
  3. I think i got the right idea... She is an amateur. Trying to get on a course and enjoying the game.... Any websites on any good deals that can get her clubs lasting her 5 years?
  4. Dear All, I am wondering if i were to purchase a new set of clubs for my GF, am I supposed to go straight for the womens clubs? I see girl pros use mens clubs? Not really anyone using womens clubs? Kind of scratching my head on this.... Please help! Thank you!
  5. have not tried aiming line before..... I should definitely try that! Thank you! Is this legal to use aiming lines? Is this cheating at all?
  6. Hi All, I've noticed when reviewing my score cards, that I really take a toll on putting. I average so far 2-3 puts per hole. I feel I lose at least 18 strokes throughout the whole game. Can anyone recommend any training aids? Or maybe any drills I can do? I feel my stance is weird, or I'm aiming in correctly? The ball really heads at least 6 inches away from where it needs to be near the hole.... Please help! Anything is great appreciated! Thank you all in advance.
  7. Thanks all decided to go with [color=#282828] intheholegolf.com. Saved me more money! Thank you![/color]
  8. Hi All, Been looking to buy a new golf wedge, but is costing me more than expected. Does anyone know of any retail stores or online store that provide competitive pricing? Thanks for all your help! From, Kevin
  9. Do the dry joys tour give as much support as the contours you think?
  10. So Fotjoys Contour Series is what I should go for? Would like to choose the best one....
  11. So it looks like its down to footjoys and trues..... Spikes can be replaced with footjoys and trues do not have replaceable spikes.... Do footjoys have better support than trues?
  12. Does the true links wear have great support? Im looking to not buy a pair of golf shoes for at least 2 years....
  13. Dear All, I am in need to upgrade to better golf shoes. I am currently using the Adidas Powerband 3.0. The back of the foot support/padding is starting to become unsturdy and loose. I have had only these shoes for less than a year! I really need honest opinions on which shoes are great to get for support and longevity. Thank you so much for all your help! From, Kevin
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