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  1. I call my MGI the best golf purchase I have ever made. I'm 38 and beyond some of the ball busting from the guys at the club at first, everyone is actually really jealous.
  2. It's sad to see Dave leave. That was my first experience in a mens club and with tournament golf, and it was always a blast. I wonder if some of the issue stems from how many other tournaments they have there. It seems that there is some sort of event over there every weekend, between juniors, the various Am "tours" and CGA events, it seems that the course is always hosting something. I hope this doesn't change the ethos of the course. I love that place for what it is.
  3. My 5/18 date came and went. I'm being told by Titleist mid July. Apparently the lighter heads for the +1" were the hold up. I was going to cancel and wait for the new ones, but said screw it. If they get pushed back to August I'll cancel the order.
  4. The waitlist at my club 3 day member guest is something like 2-4 years, depending on how many don't choose to participate in a given year, and if you drop out, you go to the back of the list. I wasn't super excited about that, and then I found out how much it costs to play in it, so honestly not that worried about it. I can't justify the cost of a trip to Bandon to play my own club.
  5. The Mountain Course fell off the mountain a few years ago and isn't there any more. No Joke. I'd say Bear Dance is fairly uniquely Colorado, especially for being a front range course.
  6. Yea, I’ma member out there. Great little course and membership.
  7. I just replaced the lenses in the Oakleys with Fuse Lenses. They are great and not expensive at all.
  8. Mine was like that too, and swinging actually helped it loosen up a bunch. I just had to start really slow, but was ripping drivers after about 30 min.
  9. Well, I got a quoted date of May 18, which isn't too bad, but the day after a golf trip i've got planned. Oh well hopefully they come quicker. I did order them no grips so there shouldn't be any hold up on that end. Fingers crossed.
  10. The stock set carry's the AMT Tour White, which did not work for me. They are also 1" long. Whatever bending I'll need will be done with my fitter.
  11. So I just ordered a set of T100's thought my pro shop and was wondering if anyone has any idea on lead times from Titleist right now. I ordered 4-G with the AMT Black shafts. Just curious if anyone has heard anything.
  12. I went to Dr. Noonan years ago for knee issues I was having and he was awesome. Another doc told me I definitely needed surgery and I went to Noonan for a 2nd opinion. It turned out to be IT Band issues. He walked me through exactly what was going on, and options for both surgery, which he didn't like for my situation and how active I was, and PT. He highly suggested the PT and I went that route and was very happy. Their new facility is top notch, and while they are affiliated/owned by UC Health I believe that they very much still operate as an independent facility.
  13. They generally open the grass tees April 1. The further you go to the West, the better the hitting stalls.
  14. I agree that the cost are a bit high, but they are doing a big project over next summer that will easily put us into that tier of club, maybe not Glemoor, but definitely Pinehurst and Lakewood and others. Completely new pool area, new turn grill and restrooms, fitness center, kids area, and golf simulators. They are also completely re-doing (excavating, relining, dredging) all of the ponds on the front 9. And some bunker work on the first few holes.
  15. I would not join a Club Corp course at all. I've heard that you can't get tee times hardly at all on the weekends. Not sure if its true, but I've heard it more than once. If you're interested in a club I can give you the run down on Valley. We joined last year and it was awesome. Initiation has effectively gone up because of a new pool and other projects in the works, but you can pay it over a few years. It was the best decision my wife and I have made in a while.
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