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  1. Couple shafts for sale tonight. Starting from top to bottom in pics: 1) OG Diamana blue board 83 stiff 5w shaft. No tip. Pulled immediately and never gamed. $75 shipped OBO 2) Matrix red tie 6Q3 stiff 3w shaft; no tip. $50 shipped OBO 3) Evenflow T-1100 65 6.5 driver shaft; no tip. $80 shipped OBO 4) OG flowerband Diamana white board 73x driver shaft; titleist tip. One of my favorite driver shafts all time. $100 shipped OBO 5) VA composites raijin black 65 five (x) driver shaft; titleist tip. Monster of a shaft that has a completely
  2. Pimp your closet, Spring 2021 edition 10 Peter Millar Summer Comfort shirts. All size medium, for reference I am 5’10 185 lbs athletic build. Great fit on these shirts in the arms and shoulders. Comparison wise, these shirts are a happy medium between Nike medium and large. No logos on the shirts except a small logo on the left sleeve of the second shirt on the left in top row. $250 shipped OBO and not interested in splitting. ***SOLD*** Most shirts only worn once or twice and heavily discounted from the $80 per shirt retail commands. Excellent condition. Zoom into pic
  3. Really tempted to bag the eZ420. I have a ezone380 that puts a smile on my face everytime I swing it
  4. I have those pants too, can’t ever find them anymore but these have a light inner fleece lining that is extremely warm while retaining comfort and lightweight feel. Fantastic pants. GLWS!
  5. A few quick items today: 1) 6 pairs Nike golf pants all size 34x30 Colors are white, very light gray, light gray, gray, black and vapor fly blue Excellent condition, most pants worn less than 5 times and some only once Prefer to sell as a bundle $132 shipped OBO ** $OLD ** 2) Nike zip up jacket XL white/gray. Light weight and warm on the arms with the soft fleece. $24 shipped 3) Nike quarter zip fleece L red. Very warm and relaxed feel. $ Decided to keep ** 4) Nike quarter zip pullover L hunter green. Very warm and comfortable. $17s
  6. 1) Nippon Ns Pro 950 FW X flex new 41”: $50 OBO 2) Toulon Palm Beach 35” just purchased from CPO. Won’t have time to experiment. Purchased it in like new CPO condition. $240 shipped OBO 3) Seemore Si5 putter 34”: $70 shipped OBO 4) Srixon F65 3+ and 4 woods Miyazaki stiff 6s shafts, just got these from a member on here, looking to pass along a great deal. $OLD 5, 6, 7) Scratch 1018 47 DS SS and 8620 47 DD heads new in plastic $70 shipped each OBO 8) Scratch 1018 60 DD New $80 shipped OBO 9) Scratch 8620 58 DD New $80 shipped OBO 10) Stitch Bay Hill Invitational Fairway HC: $48 shipped OBO
  7. Best drill I’ve ever used to get rid of the fatties: setup at address and place club head 2-3 inches forward from where ball would be. From there get into impact position and finish swing at 75% speed. This drill helps establish low point where the swing bottoms out. As you become comfortable begin hitting half shots then 3/4 shots. A little weight on lead foot at address may help control bottom of the arc too. Good luck mate
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