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  1. $175 obro. See pics for specs. will trade for high end putters (bryon, Logan, etc) I add cash.
  2. it is a great price. Selling for a buddy. (There’s no way I’d put an idiot mark like that!)
  3. Got some extras I gotta unload. Can provide more pics if needed. Sim 8.0 head with headcover: sold Mavrik 9.0 SZ with speeder evo II: sold Odyssey 2 ball 35 in OG RED STROKE LAB VERSION: $200 shipped
  4. Hi all. Got a gem for you. TC single diamond 8.5. Will come with a matrix 75 stiff black tie with Jumbo Max ultralite medium grip. Note: when you get this you will notice the grip is not centered. That’s just a preference of mine with these fat grips. I don’t like the stitching to be aligned with shaft. (I know I’m weird) Pics tell the story. This is in exceptional shape. I bought this in here last week and I believe I was the first one to hit a ball with it as it came to me appearing new. I played one round and some time in my simulator. This was going to make the cut u
  5. Hoping these move quickly. Prices are to move but will take offers. VA Nemesys 7x with TM tip. 45 inches price: 199 tyd Sim 4 hybrid with Pured Accra TZ5 m4. Great shape with one small blemish on the top. Hard to photograph. Comes with a Winn grip that could use replacing. price: sold
  6. Gotta sell some stuff that didn’t make the cut. Scotty Futura 5s 35 with 1.0sgp tour grip price: $280 Ping Blueprints with 5-p. Brand new ultralite jumbo max M grips. Standard LLL with modus 3 tour 105 stiff price: steal these at $725 tyd
  7. I’m not entirely sure to be honest. They don’t feel as heavy as 7mcs I’ve held at Dicks. I just for some reason don’t get along with the 6.5 project x shaft. Interested in trades for irons with the new project x LS.
  8. Taylormade 7mc 4–p Standard LLL Project x 6.5. These clubs were from the TM tour department. Excellent condition I am just going another direction. Trades for other high end iron sets 2020 or newer. Price sold tyd and includes fees.
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