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  1. Hi Folks, I thought I had seen some information on the board for Newnan Country Club, but I can’t seem to find any in searching the forum. With that being said, does anyone have any feedback regarding Newnan? I’m relocating soon and looking for a moderate priced club with a heavy emphasis on golf (groups, tournament, games, etc). I’ve already done a bit of research and so far from a distance I really like Pinetree in Kennesaw. I’m now looking for other clubs that may work so that I can find the right area/house/property. I’ll be home based, so commute won’t really be of any issu
  2. My brother and I really enjoy Hilton Head National. It’s a fun Gary Player design.
  3. My brother has been a member of Travel/Play Away for a while now. Since I'm ONE, that let us travel together and play legit. He submitted his cancellation immediately last night when he got the email. There is a strong possibility that I'll be relocating soon, and one of my primary goals in finding a club was to keep my ONE travel benefits. While I probably won't resign from my current club, If they drastically dismantle the ONE benefit, I sure as hell won't be worried about trying to join another Club Corp. Sheesh...like I told him, they'd have been better served raising the price modera
  4. Hi folks, I’ve gotten some good information regarding my questions regarding Brickyard and River Forest. I’ve recently found information regarding Georgia National in McDonough. Does anyone on here have any feedback or thoughts? Particularly on pricing, condition and tournaments/weekly games to get in?? Thanks!!
  5. Hey Folks, I think I’ll be relocating from Katy Tx to Macon/Atlanta area for work. I’ve been at a Club Corp course here in Katy for the last 7 years (Falcon Point). I’m really pretty content with my current club (Travel Benefits, Weekly Games, Active MGA, Couples Tourneys, Course Conditions), so I’d really like some thoughts on River Forest as it’s a Club Corp. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on River Forest? Brickyard also looks interesting, but it doesn’t sound as if there are quite as many weekly games or groups available. Brickyard also doesn’t seem to have many Couples To
  6. I know that Mizuno has Modern/Strong/Traditonal lofts available. Does anyone know if these are different forgings or if they just bend them for the loft? I’d really like to get the traditional lofts, but I’m a little concerned about what bending them will do to the bounce. Thanks In Advance EDIT: Looking at the 919 Forged
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